Love is in the air on The Late Late Show with James Corden, as Cupid himself makes a special appearance on the talk show. With a studio audience full of anticipation, Cupid arrives to spread love and answer questions about matters of the heart.

James Corden, the host of the show, introduces Cupid, expressing his excitement and appreciation for the god of love’s presence. Cupid assures James that he is ready for the show, mentioning past wardrobe malfunctions but emphasizing that everything is secure this time. The boys, referring to Cupid‘s arrows, will remain in the barracks, ensuring a smooth show.

Cupid then announces his plan to offer his services to the attractive audience, answering any questions they may have about love. James eagerly encourages the audience to ask Cupid for advice. A lovely lady with a rose gold accessory catches Cupid‘s eye, as he compliments her on its stunning beauty.

The lady proceeds to share her question, expressing her uncertainty about a guy she has been seeing. Cupid advises her to keep her options open, reminding her that she deserves someone who will treat her right and hold her tight. His poetic response sparks laughter and applause from the audience.

Another audience member seizes the opportunity to ask Cupid a question. A single lady shares her dilemma of spending Valentine’s Day alone and asks for suggestions to make the night special. Cupid recommends treating herself to a relaxing bath, candles, and a glass of wine. He then playfully suggests trying his phone number, sparking laughter and leading James to gently reprimand Cupid for his impulsive act.

The show quickly recovers as Cupid moves on to answer more questions. A couple catches Cupid‘s attention, and he expresses interest in the lovely blonde woman. However, James intervenes, reminding Cupid that he is meant to help people find love, not turn the studio into a personal pickup spot.

Unexpectedly, Cupid‘s vulnerability shines through, as he reveals his loneliness and frustration with the pressure and expectations placed upon him. The audience sympathizes with him, and James suggests using the remaining time to help Cupid find love. Cupid eagerly accepts the offer.

James notices a connection between Cupid and Lindsay, the lovely lady he had shown interest in earlier. Together, they decide to go on a date, much to the delight of the audience. The segment ends on a high note, with Cupid feeling hopeful and the audience excited for what’s to come.

Love truly takes center stage on The Late Late Show with James Corden as Cupid spreads his charm and helps those in need of love advice. The audience’s lively interaction with Cupid creates an entertaining atmosphere, leaving viewers eagerly anticipating future episodes of the talk show.