Matthew Rhys had a successful horse psychic visit during his appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The conversation took a turn when James inquired about Rhys’ role in the hit show Perry Mason and its upcoming second season on HBO Max.

Rhys revealed that his character, Perry Mason, is facing a crisis of faith in his legal career in the new season. To add an interesting twist, the actor shared that he actually rides horses in the show. This led James to ask about Rhys’ experience with a horse psychic.

Surprisingly, Rhys admitted to seeking the help of a horse psychic in the past. He explained that a friend, who happened to be a professional Rodeo Cowboy, recommended this unusual approach for dealing with any problems with his horses. Intrigued by the idea, Rhys decided to give it a try.

The horse psychic carried out the session over Zoom, and within seconds, she impressed Rhys with her accuracy. She revealed details about his riding attire, which startled Rhys as it seemed to confirm the horse’s reaction towards him. According to the psychic, the horse was traumatized by someone who wore similar clothes in the past, leading it to back away whenever Rhys approached.

Following the session, Rhys made a significant change to his riding clothes, and surprisingly, his relationship with the horse improved drastically. Rhys humorously recounted that the horse “came back in a tuxedo.”

The conversation then took a lighthearted turn when James asked if the horse psychic provided dating advice. Rhys jokingly replied, “just children.” The audience erupted in laughter, appreciating the humorous exchange between the two celebrities.

Towards the end of the segment, James took a moment to reminisce about the first time he met Rhys. They had attended a British barbecue together and got lost on the way back to the hotel. James expressed his gratitude for Rhys’ kindness during that time, remarking on what a lovely person he is.

The captivating conversation between Matthew Rhys and James Corden on The Late Late Show left viewers entertained and itching to see what surprises await them in the upcoming season of Perry Mason. From horse psychics to heartfelt reminiscences, this chat show certainly never fails to deliver captivating and entertaining moments for its audience.