In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, Robert Smigel and Conan took a moment to remember the late prop master, Bill Tull, who had a significant impact on the show. Bill Tull was a legendary prop master who was with the show for many years and was known for his incredible craftsmanship and dedication.

Describing Bill Tull, Conan mentioned that he had the looks of a Nordic God, with a tall stature, a strong build, and a handsome face. Bill Tull‘s involvement in sketches added to his comedic talent, as he had a commanding presence and a deep voice. Conan fondly reminisced about the time they used Bill Tull in a sketch involving a live dancing Stanley Cup, complete with a comedic twist of wearing tidy whes.

Conan also recounted the extraordinary lengths Bill Tull went to in order to obtain props for the show. In one instance, they needed a unique prop resembling an animal skeleton with a clock for a head. Bill Tull revealed that he had gone to Upstate New York at night with a shovel to dig up the bones of a dead sheep and reassemble them for the prop. This level of commitment and creativity amazed Conan and exemplified Bill Tull‘s dedication to his craft.

The conversation between Robert Smigel and Conan also touched upon the challenges they faced during the show’s early years. They recalled the struggle of building a successful television show with limited support from the network and critics. Despite the lack of external validation, they always believed in the quality of the show they were creating.

Conan emphasized the importance of having a supportive team, including prop masters like Bill Tull, who put their faith in the creative vision of the show. He mentioned that having people who are willing to go above and beyond makes an enormous difference, and their dedication contributes to the success and spirit of the show.

Conan also expressed his gratitude for the hardworking individuals behind the scenes, such as Jason Sheli, who still works with them. He praised their willingness to take on challenging tasks, even if it meant putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations. This level of commitment and support not only inspires Conan but also allows him to create content that resonates with audiences.

In closing, Conan mentioned how the show’s success ultimately comes down to the passion and enthusiasm of the creative team. While money and commerce play a role in the industry, the excitement and dedication of those involved make the difference. This kind of collaboration creates a spiritual and almost religious experience, where everyone is united in making something special.

As Conan and Robert Smigel shared their memories of Bill Tull and reflected on their early years, it became evident that prop masters like Bill Tull are unsung heroes behind the magic of talk shows like Conan O’Brien‘s. Their dedication and ability to bring unique ideas to life contribute to the overall success and entertainment value of the show.