The Ellen Degeneres Show has always been known for its entertaining and hilarious segments, but a recent video from the talk show has fans talking. In a recent episode, Ellen surprised her guest, a pregnant woman, by guessing her password to unlock her phone. The resulting conversation between Ellen and the expectant mother was both funny and heartwarming.

The guest, who is four and a half months pregnant, revealed that she and her partner have chosen not to find out the gender of their baby just yet. However, they have the results of the test on their phone, and Ellen couldn’t resist trying to sneak a peek. The expectant mother playfully refused to let Ellen see, teasing that it’s great leverage to use against her partner if he misbehaves.

During their conversation, Ellen also asked the couple how they first met. It turns out that they have known each other since they were teenagers back in North Carolina. They reconnected years later, and their first date in Los Angeles was even documented with pictures at popular tourist spots.

The couple also discussed their different views on finding out the gender of their baby. While the expectant mother wants to know, her partner prefers to be surprised. They have even prepared two different names, one for a boy and one that could work for either a boy or a girl. Ellen playfully suggested adding her name, Ellen or Allen, to the list.

Later in the show, Ellen introduced another couple as her special guests. It turns out that they have been together for an impressive 37 years, having fallen in love on the Warner Brothers lot. They shared heartwarming stories about their relationship, including how they met while working on a movie together. They even revealed a funny anecdote about a sign on their trailer that led to some confusion and laughter.

The couple also bared their souls and discussed their thoughts on marriage and what makes them happy. They emphasized the importance of liking each other and being adored. Their honesty and genuine affection for each other was evident throughout the conversation.

As the episode continued, Ellen also surprised the couple with some funny questions to see how well they knew each other. While they had a couple of funny misunderstandings, it was clear that their love and connection were strong.

Overall, this episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with laughter, love, and heartwarming moments. Ellen’s ability to connect with her guests and bring out their true personalities always makes for entertaining and engaging television. Fans of the talk show can’t wait to see what surprises she has in store next.