In a recent appearance on the talk show Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend, Adam Sandler opened up about his successful career, reflecting on the diverse body of work he has accomplished. Host Conan O’Brien commended Sandler for his versatility and the impact he has had on audiences.

Sandler discussed his latest movie, Leo, revealing that his daughter is obsessed with the film. He expressed his joy at the positive reception and the unexpected success of the movie, where he provided the voice for the character Bernie Brilin. Sandler recalled how his former representation, Bernie Brilstein, had a distinct voice that he and his colleagues used to imitate. However, Sandler changed the voice to make it fit the character in Leo.

The conversation then shifted to Sandler’s new movie, Spaceman, which he described as a departure from his previous work. Directed by Johan Rank, the film delighted Sandler with its unique premise and unexpected twists. Sandler praised Rank’s vision and storytelling abilities, mentioning that the director had previously worked with icons such as David Bowie and Madonna.

Throughout the interview, O’Brien expressed admiration for Sandler’s fearlessness in pursuing projects that interest him. Sandler acknowledged that he feels fortunate to have the freedom to make the movies he loves, even if he is unsure of what kind of films he should be making in the current age of entertainment.

O’Brien noted that Sandler’s commitment to pleasing himself and following his own instincts has been a master class for the industry. Sandler agreed, emphasizing that he always aims to make himself happy first and foremost. He acknowledged that there have been times in his career when he veered off course, creating work that didn’t align with his vision and leaving him dissatisfied. However, he has learned from those experiences and continues to prioritize his own happiness.

Both Sandler and O’Brien expressed gratitude for their friendship and the opportunities they have had throughout their respective careers. They reminisced about their time together and expressed their love for each other.

In conclusion, Sandler’s appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show provided viewers with insight into his successful and varied career. Sandler’s willingness to take risks and stay true to himself has resulted in a body of work that has delighted audiences over the years. With his latest projects, Leo and Spaceman, Sandler continues to push boundaries and delight viewers with his unique and entertaining performances.