Bob Odenkirk made a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he discussed the late Richard Lewis, a Breaking Bad cast reunion, and even showcased a trailer for his new movie project. The talk show host warmly welcomed Odenkirk and expressed his condolences for the passing of Richard Lewis, a great stand-up comic. Odenkirk fondly remembered Lewis as a sweet and supportive person, crediting him for pioneering the use of personal comedy in alternative comedy scenes.

As the conversation continued, Odenkirk shared an amusing anecdote about being late for the Emmy Awards. He described the frantic moments of trying to find his seat and missing the beginning of the award ceremony. Despite his tardiness, he expressed his gratitude for being included and praised his Breaking Bad co-stars, mentioning that he felt like a guest among talented individuals.

Interestingly, Odenkirk admitted that he had never watched Breaking Bad prior to being cast as Saul, his character on the show. He recounted how he decided to watch the series after being hired and having to navigate the challenge of juggling the show’s mature content with his young children around. Odenkirk further revealed that he became more connected with the show as time went on and expressed his appreciation for the established tone and integrity set by the cast.

Moving on to lighter topics, Odenkirk shared a funny story about inadvertently photobombing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast. Sitting with his family, he found himself positioned behind Savannah Guthrie and accidentally blocking the view of the host. Odenkirk humorously suggested that Flavor Flav should host the parade instead.

During the interview, Odenkirk also mentioned his appearance on the show “Finding Your Roots,” where he discovered surprising information about his ancestry. He discovered that he is related to King Charles I and General Sheridan of the Union Army. However, there was a rumor in his family about his great-grandfather’s wealth, which turned out to be a fictional tale created by his relatives.

In a lighthearted moment, Odenkirk shared an on-air apology for using profanity during the SAG Awards. He joked about celebrities needing complete immunity to break the law to do their job effectively.

Towards the end, Odenkirk promoted his book, “Zill and Other Important Rhymes,” a collection of poems he wrote with his kids. The book, illustrated by his daughter, has become a New York Times bestseller.

To conclude, Odenkirk’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was filled with humor, personal stories, and exciting updates about his upcoming movie and book projects. Fans of the talk show, as well as the chat show, talk show, and Jimmy Kimmel Live, were delighted to see Odenkirk’s lively and entertaining presence.