On a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, Conan welcomed the charismatic Steve Harvey to the stage, and it was clear from the start that Steve knows he’s sexy. The playful banter between the two was entertaining and hilarious, as Conan couldn’t help but comment on Steve’s irresistible charm.

During their conversation, Conan told Steve, “You look good as always, sexy.” Steve, not missing a beat, confidently responded, “I tell myself I’m sexy.” He then shared his secret to feeling sexy, revealing that he believes the best way to exude sexiness is to admire oneself right after a shower, while still wet. According to Steve, there’s something about being wet that adds an extra allure.

Conan, somewhat skeptical, questioned Steve’s theory, but Steve was adamant and even mentioned how women look attractive when they emerge from the water at the beach. However, he also humorously added a story about being caught ogling by a park ranger, which led to a lighthearted moment of laughter between the two.

Shifting gears, Conan asked Steve about his ability to gauge an audience’s reaction. Being a seasoned performer, Steve admitted that he could analyze a crowd the moment he steps on stage. He mentioned that there are differences in the audience’s response based on race, explaining that white audiences tend to be more polite as they are accustomed to attending plays and Broadway shows. They may give a polite laugh even when something isn’t particularly funny.

Black audiences, on the other hand, are less inclined to be polite and don’t hesitate to show their true feelings. Steve hilariously described how black audiences start calculating the cost of their evening if they don’t find a comedian funny. They consider factors like babysitter costs, parking, concessions, and ticket prices. The lack of polite laughter is a clear indication to the comedian that the audience is not enjoying the performance.

Steve also shared a telltale sign of black audience disapproval: when they shift in their seats, turn sideways, and glance back at the comedian. This, according to Steve, is when a comedian knows they may be in trouble. He even jokingly mentioned the peril of walking back through an angry audience after a disappointing set, as they might try to tear their clothes.

Overall, the conversation between Steve Harvey and Conan O’Brien was filled with laughter and playful teasing. Steve’s confidence in his own sexiness and his ability to read an audience added an entertaining dynamic to the chat show. It’s always a delight to witness the chemistry between these two comedic talents on Conan’s show.