Theo James recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his upcoming projects and share some interesting anecdotes. Most people recognize him as the “worst best friend” from season 2 of The White Lotus. However, he hasn’t been on the show for a decade. When he first appeared on the show, he made quite an impression by ziplining onto the stage in a silver suit. But Theo admits he doesn’t remember much about that experience.

One thing that surprises people about Theo is his English accent. Many assume he is American but are shocked to learn that he’s actually British. He takes it as a compliment when people are surprised that he’s not a “complete doof.” In fact, he jokes about how he would be delighted if his American accent were so convincing that he fooled an entire country.

During his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Theo also discussed his role in the new Guy Richie series called The Gentleman. In the show, he plays Eddie, a man who unwittingly inherits a family estate only to discover that it is connected to a drug empire. Theo shares a funny anecdote about how the word “duke” is pronounced differently in England compared to the United States. He also reveals that he is actually related to Prince Harry, although he clarifies that he isn’t part of the royal family.

Theo also reminisces about his early acting days and his first job on a film set. He remembers being incredibly nervous, especially because he had scenes with Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad. Despite his nerves, Theo recalls how kind and supportive Bryan was, which helped ease his anxiety. Unfortunately, he later discovered that his scenes were cut from the film, but he still appreciates the experience and Bryan’s kindness.

When asked about working with Guy Richie, Theo describes him as fun and spontaneous. He reveals that Guy often improvises on set, making the experience collaborative and exciting. Theo even shares that Guy has a favorite word, the “C-word,” which he hilariously peppers throughout their conversations.

Apart from his career, Theo also talks about his family. Surprisingly, none of his family members are in the entertainment industry. They have various professions, including nursing and speech therapy. While they are supportive of his acting career, Theo’s oldest brother loves teasing him about one of his early roles where he had to text ghosts as a ghost hunter named Jed. Despite the absurdity of the show’s concept, Theo’s brother never misses an opportunity to rib him about it.

The conversation inevitably turns to The White Lotus, and Theo reveals that people often express a desire to vacation at the hotel where the show was filmed. Apparently, the hotel became so popular that it was booked for three years after the show’s release. Interestingly, Theo and the cast actually stayed in the same hotel they were filming in. So, for them, the line between reality and fiction became blurred.

As the interview comes to a close, Jimmy Kimmel congratulates Theo on his success and upcoming show The Gentleman, which premieres on Netflix in a week’s time. With his talent and charm, Theo James continues to captivate audiences with his diverse roles and engaging personality.

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