Rebecca Ferguson may be known for her starring role in the highly anticipated film “Dune 2,” but it seems she has other career aspirations in mind. During a recent appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Ferguson jokingly auditioned for a job as Colbert’s sidekick.

The conversation started off light-hearted, with Colbert poking fun at Ferguson’s Swedish background. “You’re one of those stealth Swedes where we don’t know that you’re Swedish. We think that you’re English,” Colbert quipped. The two bantered about their shared surprise over actor Alexander Skarsgard’s Swedish heritage, and Ferguson revealed that she had considered changing her name to Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sunstrom. However, she ultimately decided against it, stating that it sounded too similar to a certain food item.

Things took a hilariously unexpected turn when Colbert mentioned his husband’s particular affinity for a unique Swedish tradition – opening a can of surströmming, a fermented herring, underwater. Ferguson admitted that she had tried it and survived, but Colbert cheekily suggested that they take the show’s ratings to the next level by getting naked together. Clearly, they’re both well-versed in the art of comedic timing.

The playful exchange continued as Colbert expressed his interest in having Ferguson as his sidekick. “I love this! Could I be your sidekick?” Ferguson enthusiastically responded. Although she acknowledged the constraints of her film schedule, she suggested that she could make it work if given the opportunity to pause her other commitments. Colbert even proposed discussing the idea with the network, creating a buzzworthy moment on live television.

Additionally, Ferguson discussed her penchant for embracing awkwardness and discomfort, stating, “I like awkwardness. It’s like a mist in the air that I like to breathe in.” While Colbert misinterpreted her comment as Ferguson seeking attention, she clarified that she enjoys the spontaneous moments of unpredictability that arise in conversations. She refrained from sharing a specific example but teased that she often says things she later regrets.

Before wrapping up the interview, Colbert asked Ferguson about her experience filming “Dune 2.” In response to his question about the most remarkable place she had seen during the shoot, Ferguson playfully deflected, turning the question back onto Colbert. With a touch of comedic timing, she exclaimed, “I don’t care that you have [questions], Colbert!”

Closing out the segment, Colbert and Ferguson assured the audience that “Dune 2” is currently playing in theaters. With the chemistry and humor showcased during this interview, it’s clear that fans would eagerly anticipate the duo teaming up for future projects. Who knows? Maybe Rebecca Ferguson will find her way onto “The Late Show” as Colbert’s sidekick after all.

[Transcript: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Air Date N/A]