In a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, host Stephen Colbert declared the Supreme Court unconstitutional in a lively and entertaining segment. Colbert expressed his frustration with the Court’s decision to hear Trump’s immunity claim, further delaying his January 6th trial. He criticized the Court’s 19 weeks of delays and suggested that their decisions are divorced from reality.

Colbert highlighted the potential ramifications of these delays, noting that the trial could now be postponed until late September or October, right in the heart of the election season. While this is terrible news for democracy, Colbert humorously pointed out that it’s fantastic news for television, with all the plot lines coming together for the thrilling conclusion of America.

The Late Show host also questioned whether the justices realize how damaging their stalling tactics are to the Court’s legacy. Public trust in the Court is already low, with less trust than Americans place in a warm shrimp and mayonnaise emporium. Colbert humorously used his late-night host power to declare the Supreme Court unconstitutional, emphasizing that their decisions are henceforth null and void.

Switching gears, Colbert discussed Trump’s civil fraud trial and how the clock is ticking on him coughing up a $454 million penalty. Trump’s lawyers attempted to delay paying the full amount, but a New York judge denied their request. Colbert playfully suggested that Trump should sell more shoes to come up with the money.

On a lighter note, President Biden recently had his annual physical exam, and the White House physician declared him fit for duty. Biden’s health was described as healthy, active, and robust, in stark contrast to the former president, who was deemed unhealthy, inactive, and robust. Colbert humorously pointed out the list of medications Biden takes for allergies, blood pressure, and heartburn, jokingly thanking him for mentioning all their sponsors.

Lastly, Colbert mentioned that both Biden and Trump made trips to the southern border on the same day, wearing the same outfit. Trump’s son, Don Jr., has been actively supporting his father’s 2024 campaign and called for a massive voter turnout strategy, including voter registration at gun shows, concerts, UFC fights, and even in Amish Country. Colbert couldn’t help but poke fun at the unlikely inclusion of the peaceful Amish community in Don Jr.‘s voter strategy.

In his usual entertaining and lively style, Stephen Colbert delivered an engaging segment on The Late Show, sharing his humorous take on current events and showcasing his talent for weaving entertainment and politics together seamlessly.