On a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, Ryan Gosling shared an adorable and hilarious story about finding a dog while staying at a movie star house in Atlanta. Despite the strict no dogs policy, Gosling couldn’t resist letting the dog in to escape the freezing temperatures. Little did he know, the dog would create a mess all over the house, leaving him to clean it up and hide the dog for two weeks. In the end, Gosling’s driver’s father adopted the dog and gave it a forever home on a beautiful lake property.

In other news, Jodie Foster received her fifth Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “NAD,” which is currently streaming on Netflix. The talk show host, Graham Norton, congratulated her on the nomination and also mentioned that it was her husband’s 25th wedding anniversary. Foster shared that it’s a huge achievement, especially in Hollywood where divorces seem to be the norm. She jokingly added that people probably thought it wouldn’t last, considering Warren Beatty’s reputation before they got together.

During the episode, there were also discussions about other nominees and their experiences. Sterling K Brown and Jeffrey Wright were both nominated for their roles in the film “American Affection.” Brown expressed his excitement about the nominations, stating that it’s a great achievement to be recognized before the actual awards night. He also humorously predicted that Robert Downey Jr. would win the award in their category.

The conversation took a light-hearted turn when Robert De Niro shared stories about his farm and animal rescues. He inherited an old dog and horse rescue in Malibu, which eventually led to owning llamas, cows, chickens, and pygmy goats. De Niro mentioned that they even had a cat named Montgomery, who was the most relaxed cat ever.

The talk show also welcomed Emily Blunt, who discussed her experience filming intense scenes in a cramped drop ship set. Blunt admitted that the conditions were tough, and there was a moment when her positivity started to fade. However, Tom Cruise‘s relentless positivity kept her motivated to push through the challenging scene.

Overall, The Graham Norton Show provided viewers with amusing anecdotes, heartwarming dog rescue stories, and insights into the lives of talented celebrities. As awards season approaches, it’s exciting to see these talented individuals being recognized for their outstanding work in the entertainment industry.