In a recent episode of the talk show “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” Chelsea Peretti and Conan O’Brien discussed their experiences as temps early in their careers. Both celebrities shared how during their time as temps, they had to put their comedic abilities aside and focus on doing the required work. They reminisced about the surprise their former teachers had when they found out about their success in comedy.

Conan also shared an interesting anecdote about his writing partner, Greg Daniels, who is known for creating shows like “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation.” Greg once attended Conan’s Christmas party and brought a tower wrapped in plastic containing exotic fruits and nuts. The hilarity ensued when Conan noticed that the tower was originally meant for someone else from the sound editing team at a particular network. Despite the unconventional nature of the gift, Conan appreciated the humor behind it.

The conversation then shifted to fruit baskets, with Chelsea Peretti sharing her experience of receiving a large fruit basket during the Aspen Comedy Festival. Initially, she thought it was a gift from the festival, causing jealousy among her friends. However, to her disappointment, she later discovered that the fruit basket was actually sent by her mom. The mix-up added to a series of crushing blows she had experienced.

Conan and Chelsea continued to delve into memories from the Aspen Comedy Festival. They both recalled the extravagant nature of the event during its heyday. The festival organizers spared no expense and even provided diamond-encrusted skis as gifts. However, the financial mismanagement of the festival eventually led to its downfall.

The conversation then veered towards the changing landscape of network television. Both Conan and Chelsea reminisced about a time when there were only three or four networks, and advertisers were treated to lavish experiences during upfronts. They shared stories of networks hosting cruises and celebrities mingling with the advertisers. However, they acknowledged that times have changed, and the television industry is now very different.

As the discussion continued, the topic shifted to Robin Leech and his show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Conan humorously compared the current climate of “Eat the Rich” to the aspirational nature of Leech’s show. They reflected on the passage of time and the deaths of various celebrities, including the false rumors surrounding Dog the Bounty Hunter’s death. The conversation became light-hearted as they engaged in playful banter with their producer, Eduardo, about celebrity deaths.

Overall, the conversation between Chelsea Peretti and Conan O’Brien provided a lively and entertaining trip down memory lane. They shared anecdotes from their early careers as temps and the lavish experiences they encountered during the Aspen Comedy Festival and upfronts. The episode was a delightful reminder of the ever-changing nature of the entertainment industry and the colorful personalities that inhabit it.