Conan O’Brien never fails to entertain in his talk show, “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend.” In a recent episode, Conan couldn’t resist poking fun at the show’s title, saying, “It’s Conan O’Brien needs a friend, is that okay?” He amusingly went on to discuss how he often asks his producer to edit out certain parts of the show, only to find out later that they were left in. Conan playfully questioned his producer’s integrity, jokingly accusing him of lying to him all this time.

But the banter didn’t stop there. Conan and his co-host Matt took a lighthearted dig at the popularity of their podcast. They cheekily claimed that nobody listens to it, and that they even hire people to shout out podcast references as they drive by. Conan recounted a funny incident in Dublin where strangers shouted podcast catchphrases at him from passing cars. It seems like their prank may be working a little too well!

The conversation took a turn towards envy, with Conan reflecting on how he has been doing podcasting since 2006. He jokingly suggested that he should be put out to pasture, but his witty banter and unique style prove that he still has plenty of life left in him. Conan also couldn’t resist sharing a funny story about stealing an old woman’s purse as a prank, causing laughter among the show’s crew.

As the conversation meandered through various topics, Conan’s comedic timing and quick thinking shone through. He even managed to incorporate his love for classic movies and The Simpsons by referencing characters like the uptight dean from “Animal House” and Homer Simpson’s college adventures.

It’s always a joy to witness Conan O’Brien‘s sharp wit in action, as he effortlessly weaves humor into every anecdote and conversation. Whether he’s poking fun at the show’s title or teasing his producer about leaving in editing mistakes, there’s never a dull moment when Conan is on screen. Be sure to catch his hilarious antics on “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” and join the millions of fans who can’t get enough of his unique brand of comedy.