During a recent episode of the chat show, Conan O’Brien welcomed a special guest: Stephen, an astrologer and jeweler from Silver City, New Mexico. As the conversation unfolded, Stephen revealed some interesting insights about Conan’s birth chart, showcasing his expertise in blending astrology with jewelry-making.

Conan kicked off the interview by teasing Stephen‘s apparent happiness and infectious positivity. The astrologer admitted that he typically radiates happiness, although like everyone, he, too, has ups and downs. Stephen shared that he creates bespoke talisman jewelry for individuals based on their astrology, helping them align with their intentions and desires in life.

Intrigued, Conan explored Stephen‘s unique process of combining astrology readings with jewelry design. Stephen explained that he conducts birth chart readings to understand an individual’s intentions in this lifetime. By learning about a person’s strengths and weaknesses, Stephen can collaborate with them to create a custom piece that reflects their spiritual vibe.

As the conversation delved into their respective backgrounds, Conan revealed that he hails from Boston and was captivated by the Southwest when he first visited as a young man. Stephen, who recently relocated from Washington State to Silver City, resonated with Conan’s love for the stunning landscapes in the area.

Curious about how Stephen‘s jewelry business fares in town, Conan inquired if there were competitors offering similar services. Stephen replied that while there are other jewelers who incorporate astrology in their work, he is the only one with a shop in Silver City. With a playful tone, Conan humorously suggested that Stephen should take full advantage of his exclusive position and be an “incredible dick” about it.

Returning the focus to Conan, Stephen delved into his birth chart analysis. He pointed out that as an Aries with Virgo Rising, Conan is known for his self-critical nature and hyperawareness of self-esteem. This observation aligned with Conan’s comedic style and his inclination to discuss his insecurities openly. Stephen also highlighted Conan’s impulsive nature as an Aries, connecting it to his innovative and groundbreaking comedy.

Eager to visualize the jewelry piece Stephen would create for him, Conan asked about the potential design. Stephen suggested incorporating stones like mahogany obsidian and garnet to enhance Conan’s self-worth. He further recommended adding tanzanite to bridge the gap between Conan’s logical mind and emotional heart. With a masculine touch, Stephen proposed using gold in the design to evoke masculinity.

The conversation took a playful turn as Conan shared his desire to have a piece that represents the podcast. He envisioned a necklace carrying two large, heavy stones that symbolize the burden of being weighed down, akin to an albatross preventing him from flying freely. In his characteristic humor, Conan jokingly described the design as a cow dung necklace with two diamonds or, alternatively, two big testicles in a small chad.

Although Stephen humorously suggested Conan opt for something more feminine, Conan playfully insisted on embracing his masculine side with the testicle metaphor. The banter continued, with Conan sharing his unique interpretation of his own anatomy, describing it as long, thin, and filled with worry.

With laughter filling the studio, Conan and Stephen showcased their camaraderie, with Conan indulging in his signature self-deprecating humor. The conversation highlighted Stephen‘s expertise in blending astrology and jewelry-making, offering viewers a glimpse into the creative process behind his unique designs.

As the interview concluded, it was evident that Stephen‘s analysis had struck a chord with Conan, leaving the host with a newfound appreciation for the intricate relationship between astrology and personal adornment.