Comedian Katherine Blanford delivered a hilarious and relatable stand-up routine during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Blanford, originally from Louisville, Kentucky, infused her set with witty anecdotes about the Kentucky Derby and her experiences with bachelorette parties.

Blanford humorously described the Kentucky Derby, an event where “fancy people” watch horses race while placing bets. She hilariously recounted how some of these “fancy people” would often end up losing large sums of money on bets, leaving them in despair. However, Blanford pointed out that the Derby is mostly off-limits to regular folks like herself, who end up corralled in the infield, watching the races and getting serious FOMO (fear of missing out).

To compensate for not being able to experience the thrill of horse racing, Blanford shared an alternative activity called porta-potty racing. In this unique competition, participants try to run across a line of porta-potties without falling into them, evoking a sense of “the floor is lava” challenge. While attempting to complete this daring feat, participants also have to dodge full beer bottles being thrown by excited onlookers. Blanford humorously highlighted the absurdity of this redneck version of Ninja Warrior.

Switching gears, Blanford delved into her personal life, sharing her experiences as a 32-year-old attending numerous bachelorette parties as a bridesmaid. Playfully acknowledging the changing times, she referred to herself as a “bridal intern,” avoiding the term “maid” as it had become outdated. Blanford shared amusing stories from a beach trip she took with younger girls, highlighting the differences between those in their 20s and those in their 30s.

She humorously described how bikini-clad, younger girls would take full-body selfies at the beach, while those in their 30s would meticulously line up, slowly backing into the ocean, capturing just the right angles. Blanford had the audience in stitches as she likened group pictures with older individuals treating them “like a loaf of bread,” preferring the ends of the photo to be less prominent.

Blanford rounded off her set with a hilarious tale of battling a 20-year-old at a beach raft and coming out on top, thanks to her maturity and adherence to sun safety. With SPF 90 and Botox in tow, Blanford outsmarted her younger opponent, leaving her with a poignant message: “Forgive your father.”

Katherine Blanford‘s energetic and relatable performance on The Tonight Show left the audience and viewers alike rolling with laughter. Blanford’s ability to find humor in everyday experiences showcases her talent as a stand-up comedian. Make sure to catch her comedy special taped at The Riot in Houston, Texas, on March 29th.