In a recent episode of the David Letterman talk show, a hilarious and unexpected skit featured actor Jack Black pretending to be none other than Mitt Romney himself. The host, David Letterman, revealed that despite numerous attempts to get the real Mitt Romney on the show, they were constantly rebuffed. Feeling frustrated by the lack of response, Letterman decided to simulate what a visit from the Republican nominee would be like with the help of an actor.

As the skit begins, Jack Black enters the stage to applause from the audience, dressed in a sharp suit resembling Mitt Romney‘s signature attire. The banter between Letterman and “Romney” is filled with playful exchanges and witty remarks. Letterman, known for his quick humor, doesn’t hold back with his jokes and pleasantly surprises “Romney” with his charm.

The skit continues with Letterman complimenting “Romney” on his looks, jokingly referencing the reluctance of the real Mitt Romney to appear on the late-night talk show. The actor portraying Romney skillfully responds, quelling any concerns Letterman may have had. The playful back-and-forth between the two showcases their comedic chemistry.

Discussing the current political landscape, Letterman asks “Romney” about the tight race and the possibility of winning the election. The actor deftly navigates the question, acknowledging the competition and thanking Letterman for his impartiality. The audience erupts in laughter, appreciating the satire and wit woven into the skit.

Throughout the conversation, Jack Black, as “Romney,” interjects clever references and quips, keeping the energy high and entertaining the viewers. The skit culminates in a hilarious suggestion from “Romney” to cut taxes, reduce regulation, and recommend the film “Bernie,” starring Matthew McConaughey and Shirley MacLaine, as a must-watch.

The skit concludes with Letterman expressing his gratitude to “Romney” for joining the show, and the actor leaves the stage with a dramatic exit, adding another layer of humor to the performance. The audience cheers, impressed by Jack Black‘s ability to embody the essence of Mitt Romney in a lighthearted and comedic way.

This memorable appearance on the David Letterman talk show proves that even when faced with the absence of a sought-after guest, the team behind the show never fails to deliver an entertaining and laughter-filled episode. Jack Black‘s portrayal of Mitt Romney leaves a lasting impression on viewers, showcasing his versatility as an actor. With its perfect blend of satire and comedy, this skit adds another enjoyable moment to the long list of unforgettable talk show moments.