The cast of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ made a hilarious appearance on the popular talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, leaving everyone in stitches. The transcript of their conversation is filled with funny moments and witty banter.

The segment started with a discussion about one of the cast member’s new look. He had grown a Fu Manchu mustache for the Kung Fu promotion tour, and it was quite a sight. Ellen complimented him on his appearance, but he jokingly mentioned that it made him look like a panda.

The conversation then shifted to the talk show the cast had recently appeared on in Korea. They described it as a wild and crazy game show slash stunt show that reminded them of The Ellen Degeneres Show. They participated in various challenges and had a lot of fun, showcasing their dance moves and even stuffing marshmallows in their mouths.

The cast shared interesting facts about pandas, such as when there are many of them together, it’s called an “embarrassment of pandas,” highlighting their rarity as an endangered species. They also talked about the charity they were raising money for, the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF).

Next, Ellen and another cast member played a game where Ellen would hold up a card with a specific dance and the cast member had to guess and perform the dance. Each dance they successfully completed earned a donation to UMDF, making the game both entertaining and philanthropic.

Awkwafina, one of the cast members, shared a funny story about her cat’s unique ability to pee in the toilet. Ellen, amused by the story, questioned if the cat could also flush. The conversation then shifted to Awkwafina‘s real name, Nora, and how she adopted her stage name due to her naturally awkward personality.

The article also touched on unrelated topics discussed during the interview, including Ellen’s New Year’s resolutions and Dustin Hoffman‘s love for Jacuzzis. Dustin hilariously shared a story about encountering a coyote while in his Jacuzzi and how he scared it away by pretending to be a gorilla.

Overall, the cast of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ brought their signature humor and charm to The Ellen Degeneres Show, leaving the audience and viewers at home entertained and wanting more. Watching this episode was certainly a delightful experience filled with laughter and light-hearted moments.

Fans of the chat show, talk show, and The Ellen Degeneres Show are sure to enjoy this episode featuring the talented cast of ‘Kung Fu Panda’. With their quick wit and infectious energy, they proved once again why they are beloved entertainers.