On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the atmosphere was buzzing as the legendary Oprah Winfrey made an appearance. The talk show host kicked off the show by reminiscing about the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when businesses were shutting down and everyone was scrambling to navigate the new normal.

But despite the challenges, Kimmel found a way to lighten the mood with a hilarious anecdote about the winds in Southern California. He even shared a video text from the chief meteorologist, showing just how windy it was by showcasing a chair in a pool.

Moving on to more entertaining topics, Kimmel couldn’t help but mention the Oscars, which he hosted. He shared a heartwarming clip of a little girl named Dusty, who hilariously imitated Kimmel’s hand gestures. It was a lighthearted moment that brought laughter to the audience.

Of course, the conversation wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the former president, Donald Trump. Kimmel humorously commented on Trump’s court hearing, joking that it’s like spotting a whale on a boat – you never know if he’s going to show up. The case involves Trump being charged with illegally removing and withholding classified documents, which he claims were his to do with as he pleased. Kimmel couldn’t resist poking fun at the irony of a president who allegedly doesn’t read having possession of top-secret documents.

But the jokes didn’t stop there. Kimmel went on to highlight Trump’s recent use of artificial intelligence as an excuse for his mishaps. From blaming AI for his appearance in compromising videos to suggesting AI took the classified documents, Trump’s newfound fascination with AI didn’t escape Kimmel’s comedic commentary.

Shifting gears, Kimmel turned the spotlight to another public figure – Aaron Rodgers, the professional quarterback and conspiracy theorist. It has been reported that Rodgers shared false Sandy Hook conspiracies, claiming that the school shooting never happened and that the children were all actors. Kimmel expressed his disdain for such thoughts and quipped about the days when conspiracy theorists were more interested in Bigfoot than fueling harmful theories.

But Kimmel didn’t stop at criticizing Rodgers’ controversial beliefs. He playfully exposed his own “investigation” into Rodgers, sarcastically revealing a shocking truth – Rodgers never played football until last year. According to Kimmel, Rodgers faked his entire career, and his body double, who played all the games for him, tragically died of COVID-19. Kimmel humorously claimed that they had to bring in the real Rodgers, who conveniently faked an injury on the opening day. While obviously a joke, Kimmel’s humorous take on Rodgers’ conspiracy theories entertained the audience.

As the show continued, Kimmel tackled other newsworthy topics, including the House of Representatives passing a bill to ban TikTok and a proposed ban on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in public schools. He even poked fun at California Governor Gavin Newsom‘s proposition advertisements, injecting his trademark humor into the discussion.

In typical Jimmy Kimmel Live fashion, the episode was filled with laughter, witty commentary, and a touch of entertainment news. With Oprah Winfrey as the guest and Kimmel’s humorous take on current events, it was a night that kept viewers engaged and amused throughout the show.