Oprah Winfrey recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she discussed her weight loss journey, celebrated her 70th birthday, and debunked various rumors about herself. The talk show host warmly welcomed Oprah, who looked youthful and vibrant. Despite being praised for her calm demeanor, Oprah revealed that she was more nervous about being on Jimmy Kimmel Live than she was about her recent appearance at the Oscars.

During the interview, Oprah shared a couple of humorous anecdotes about people not recognizing her. She recalled a hilarious incident on a tarmac where she was stuck for seven and a half hours because her assistant had forgotten her passport. While waiting, people recognized her and asked to take pictures with her, but the passport official wouldn’t let her out. Another time, while walking her dog in Chicago with no makeup on, a passerby told her she looked like Oprah Winfrey. When she confirmed her identity, the person responded with, “You wish!”

Jimmy Kimmel asked Oprah if she missed having a studio audience, and she admitted that she hadn’t had a studio audience in 13 years since her talk show ended. However, when she recently did a special, she had a nostalgic feeling being back in a studio with an audience and cameras. She noted the difference in doing a show for broadcast television and expressed her appreciation for the audience’s presence.

The conversation then shifted to Oprah’s weight loss journey. Oprah underwent knee surgery, which served as a turning point as she vowed to get in shape and use her body for her highest good. She started with short walks and gradually increased her distance. She also changed her eating habits, avoiding eating past 4:00 pm. Oprah explained that she took a personalized approach, focusing on her own choices and listening to her body. She emphasized that obesity can be a disease for those who carry the genetics or propensity for the “fat gene,” adding that not everyone who is overweight falls in this category.

As the interview continued, Oprah and Jimmy reminisced about their early radio days, sharing stories of their first jobs and the lessons they learned through those experiences. Oprah revealed that she started working at a radio station when she was 16, doing interviews for free. Meanwhile, Jimmy remembered doing radio interviews at the same age, except he got paid a small sum of $100.

Turning to Oprah’s 70th birthday, Jimmy asked if there was a big celebration. To everyone’s surprise, Oprah spent the day at home in her pajamas. She had initially contemplated hosting a dance party or planning a camping trip in the woods but ultimately chose a quiet day at home. Oprah mentioned that she isn’t big on birthdays and doesn’t consider them a significant event.

The interview concluded with Jimmy asking Oprah about rumors surrounding her. Oprah denied the claim that her dogs would inherit her $30 million fortune when she passes away, explaining that most of her dogs had already passed away. She also clarified that she doesn’t plan to be buried under the oak tree at her estate, as it fell during a rainstorm. Additionally, Oprah dismissed various rumors about her extravagant gifts and possessions, including giving Stevie Wonder a Rolls-Royce and owning an underground bunker. She did, however, admit to keeping a whole octopus in her fridge because her partner Stedman loves octopus and eats it regularly.

Overall, the interview provided a glimpse into Oprah’s personal life, her journey towards wellness, and her down-to-earth nature. Viewers can catch Oprah’s special on Monday night on ABC and stream it the following day on Hulu. Additionally, Oprah will be honored at the upcoming Glad Awards with the Vanguard award.