During an episode of The Graham Norton Show, Pedro Pascal shared a hilarious story about barely remembering how he got the role for The Last of Us. Known for his roles in shows like Euphoria, Pedro revealed how being recognized by fans has been an unexpected experience for him.

Pedro recalled a moment when he was driving on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles and a group of young girls in the car next to him kept pulling up and trying to get his attention. He awkwardly waved at them and was surprised to find teenage girls screaming and losing control over seeing him. Despite being 54 years old, Pedro found it amusing to have a fan following among young girls.

The conversation then turned to the term “swerve,” which Pedro had just recently learned. He admitted not being familiar with the term initially, thinking it meant to confuse someone. However, he was corrected by his fellow guests on the show, indicating that “swerve” actually refers to avoiding someone’s attempt to kiss you. Pedro had a fun exchange with Graham Norton, jokingly denying swerving on him.

Switching gears, Pedro discussed how he often goes unnoticed in public, especially in New York. He shared that being of average height, around 5’10”, and not having a distinct appearance like someone as tall as Ben Affleck, allows him to blend in easily. Pedro also mentioned an incident in a park where a Spanish couple mistook him for a photographer rather than a celebrity, which he found both amusing and humbling.

The conversation took an emotional turn when Pedro talked about his relationship with former President Barack Obama. Pedro revealed that they became close during a trip to DC, where they introduced a film to historically black colleges. Obama expressed his admiration for Pedro and his role in promoting equality, connecting it to the civil rights activist Bayard Rustin. This meaningful friendship left Pedro questioning whether he should be dancing with Obama at a holiday party.

Another pivotal moment in Pedro’s life came when he met Oprah Winfrey, whom he praised for her impact on his career. Pedro shared a personal story about his late mother, who used to write letters to Oprah on his behalf, believing Oprah could help him. Years later, Pedro found himself hiking in Maui with Oprah, realizing that his mother’s letters might have reached her. This serendipitous meeting with Oprah confirmed Pedro’s belief in the power of dreams and the influence of those who support us.

Pedro also discussed his connection with fellow actor Coleman Domingo, whom he first met during their first professional play, “Blues for an Alabama Sky.” The two shared a memorable moment on stage when a stage kiss unexpectedly turned into a French kiss, leaving Pedro unsure about the norms of stage kisses. Coleman’s advice to put the kiss back to its original form proved helpful, highlighting their enduring friendship and shared journey in the industry.

The conversation concluded with Pedro sharing his excitement about joining the cast of The Last of Us, a popular video game adaptation. Pedro admitted he hadn’t been familiar with the game before, but he quickly grasped its significance in the industry. He expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with HBO and the creator of Chernobyl, Craig Mason. Pedro recounted the funny, yet nerve-wracking, experience of receiving the news of landing the role while being half-asleep after taking a strong sleeping tablet. The humorous mix-up added to the memorable journey of becoming a part of The Last of Us.

Pedro Pascal‘s appearance on The Graham Norton Show was a delightful and insightful conversation, showcasing his experiences as a respected actor and the incredible stories that have shaped his career.