Dakota Johnson amazed the audience during her appearance on The Graham Norton Show as she expressed her preference to have Graham Norton sit in “The Red Chair”. The conversation turned to her latest movie, a thriller set in an airplane. Johnson revealed the challenges of filming in confined spaces, noting that she has a tendency to fall asleep when it gets hot. She jokingly compared herself to a car that overheats and shuts down if pushed too hard. The audience erupted in applause, showing their enthusiasm for the actress’s sense of humor.

During the episode, a retired gentleman named Jim had the opportunity to share a humorous story about his neighbors. He mentioned how his neighbors’ son had taken an interest in his large wall clock, causing a confusing situation at Christmas dinner when the young boy innocently mentioned a bird that kept popping out of the clock. The anecdote had the crowd in stitches.

The conversation then turned to Johnson’s co-star, Kate Blanchett, whom many people believe she resembles. Johnson shared that she had encountered Blanchett at an awards show, and despite being starstruck, managed to keep her composure. She even walked away from the encounter feeling proud of herself, until she accidentally walked into the women’s bathroom. The audience chuckled at Johnson’s relatable and slightly embarrassing story.

Switching gears, Norton asked Johnson about her superstitions and rituals. She admitted to having a few eccentric habits, such as holding her breath during takeoff in an airplane and saying hello to magpies for good luck. The audience found her quirks endearing and laughed along with her.

The conversation then shifted to a discussion about gender pronouns. Johnson shared that she initially had trouble understanding the concept but was convinced by a trans actress she had met. Realizing that using someone’s preferred pronouns could make them happy, she now embraces using gender-neutral pronouns if requested.

The episode also included guest appearances from Modern Family star Ty Burrell and musician Paloma Faith. The conversation ranged from Burrell reminiscing about his time on the hit show to Faith showcasing her talent on a Turkish instrument, the SZ.

As always, The Graham Norton Show provided an entertaining and light-hearted platform for celebrities to share their stories and connect with the audience. Dakota Johnson‘s charm and wit had the crowd engaged throughout the episode, leaving everyone excited for the next installment of the talk show.