In a recent episode of the beloved talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, host Ellen Degeneres was joined by a star-studded lineup including Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, Henry Winkler, and Hugh Dancy. The episode kicked off with a lively round of applause and showed just how much fun the audience was having.

Ellen wasted no time diving into an interesting topic – snacking. She confessed that she wasn’t much of a snacker herself but was on the hunt for the perfect snack to satisfy her cravings during the day. She hilariously discussed her aversion to junk food snacks and her lack of enthusiasm for healthy options like carrots. Ellen joked about her love for steak but acknowledged that it wasn’t exactly a snack.

The conversation took a humorous turn as Ellen talked about her love for nuts, particularly almonds. However, she noted the popular belief that you should only have four almonds, which seemed unreasonable to her. Ellen even jokingly suggested she would only eat an almond if it was encrusted in a steak. She then moved on to the topic of apples, sharing her surprise that they actually made her hungry instead of curbing her appetite as they were supposed to.

The talk show host hilariously delved into her thoughts on appetizers at restaurants, finding humor in the idea that they often consist of just a few shrimp or a small wheel of baked brie. She comically remarked that no one eats the whole wheel of baked brie no matter how good it is, leaving behind a mishmash of broken crackers and even car keys. Ellen also added her perspective on parties and their insufficient selection of food, leading her to joke about ending up at a drive-thru on the way home.

Ellen then introduced a segment called “The Big Finish,” explaining that it was a response to a viewer’s criticism of the show’s anticlimactic ending. She shared a letter from a viewer expressing their delight in the show’s new spectacular endings. Ellen couldn’t help but chuckle at the concept of a potted plant with a hidden camera used during the filming of the show.

The conversation shifted gears as Ellen welcomed Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, who were hot in the spotlight at the time. The couple shared the story of how they met through a mutual manager, with Nick playfully teasing Jessica about her outfit choice on their first meeting. They humorously discussed their decision to break up before getting married, allowing Jessica to explore the dating scene and giving them both a chance to focus on their careers.

Ellen also couldn’t help but comment on Jessica’s messy nature, contrasting it with her own neat and organized personality. In true Ellen fashion, she surprised Jessica with an “Ellen Starter Kit” containing various cleaning supplies and gadgets, jokingly urging her to embrace the joy of cleaning and organization.

The episode ended with Ellen expressing her excitement about having Ron Howard, the executive producer of the hit show Arrested Development, as a guest star. She praised the show’s brilliance and the talented cast, showering them with compliments.

Overall, this episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with laughter, good-natured banter, and interesting topics. From discussing snacks and appetizers to chatting with celebrity guests, Ellen kept the energy high and entertained her audience in true talk show fashion.

Originally aired on April 9, 2004