On the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show, the stars of the new Bond film Spectre made an appearance, including the iconic James Bond himself, Daniel Craig. The episode was filled with lively and entertaining moments, giving fans insight into the making of the film and some behind-the-scenes stories.

Despite the challenges faced due to the pandemic, Daniel Craig and his co-stars persevered and stayed committed to releasing the film in cinemas rather than on streaming platforms. This decision was met with enthusiasm from the audience, who were excited to see the highly anticipated movie on the big screen.

During the show, Daniel Craig shared some interesting tidbits about his personal connection to the Bond franchise. Growing up in France, Craig revealed that James Bond was not as iconic there, and his family was not particularly excited when they found out he would be part of the Bond world. However, Craig remembered watching Bond films with his father when he was just a young child, not knowing that one day he would be the face of the franchise.

As an actor, Daniel Craig also spoke about the influence of Shakespeare on his performances. He explained that Shakespeare’s works are deeply ingrained in our culture, and even in everyday conversations, we often quote Shakespeare without realizing it. Craig believes that Shakespeare’s ability to capture and sum up a wide range of emotions makes his works timeless and relatable to all.

The episode took a humorous turn when Graham Norton asked Daniel Craig to perform a bit of Shakespeare, poking fun at the actor’s reputation for being a stoic and serious Bond. Craig obliged and recited a sonnet, showcasing his impressive range as an actor.

Aside from discussing his role as Bond, Daniel Craig also addressed his past acting experiences, including a role in the animated film “Home on the Range.” Craig recalled how the film created some amusing moments when people recognized him and associated him with the animated character he voiced. Despite being known for his dramatic roles, Craig’s versatility as an actor allows him to take on a variety of characters.

Throughout the show, Craig’s co-stars Naomie Harris and Christoph Waltz also joined in the lively conversation. Naomie Harris shared her experience auditioning for the role of Bond girl, which ultimately led to her becoming the beloved character of Moneypenny. Christoph Waltz discussed his approach to playing the villainous character of Silva in “Skyfall” and how he aimed to give the role depth and complexity.

The episode of The Graham Norton Show was a perfect blend of entertainment and insights into the world of James Bond. Fans were treated to a lively and engaging conversation with the stars of Spectre, making them even more excited to see the film. As the Bond franchise continues, Daniel Craig‘s legacy as the iconic James Bond remains unmatched, and fans eagerly anticipate his final portrayal of the beloved character in Spectre.