Conan revealed that he used to live just a block and a half away from the hotel where the show was being filmed. He jokingly mentioned that if someone were standing at the hotel, they could hit his old apartment with a tennis ball, although with a Pneumatic Cannon rather than with mere strength. Conan made it clear that he wasn’t being literal about hitting his apartment and hilariously expressed his concern about being sued for making such a claim.

During his bachelor days, Conan was riding high in his career. He had started in television in 1985 and had already worked on shows like “Saturday Night Live” before coming to L.A. for “The Simpsons.” He mentioned purchasing a brand new 1992 Ford Taurus, which, according to him, was a sign that he had “banked” because who wouldn’t want to drive around in a new car?

Conan shared a funny story about his mom visiting him during that time. He took her to the Four Seasons Hotel, which he claimed had an amazing brunch and the possibility of seeing a celebrity. However, they didn’t spot any celebrities, but Conan joked that he had lied to his mom about random people being celebrities just to impress her.

The conversation then delved into Conan’s bachelor life during that era. He humorously described himself as a “kindly gentleman” who had started to fill out and gained some confidence. He mentioned having a credit card and cash in his pocket, which apparently caught the attention of the ladies. Conan also revealed that he still owns the 1992 Ford Taurus, which became a running joke on “The Late Night” show as guests would discuss their fancy cars, and then Conan would mention his 1992 Ford Taurus with pride.

Conan also reminisced about learning how to drive stick shift in a supermarket parking lot before bringing the car to L.A. He even shared an amusing story of how people at “The Simpsons” lot realized there was a badass in town when he showed up in his Ford Taurus with a stick shift.

The episode took a lighthearted turn, with Conan and his team discussing how times have changed over the years but also how some things, like the Great Taste of Miller Lite, remain constant. Conan also mentioned that he would treat his team to a nice lunch, showcasing his generous nature.

Overall, Conan’s trip down memory lane provided a delightful and humorous glimpse into his bachelor days in Los Angeles. With his quick wit and unique storytelling style, Conan continues to entertain audiences on his talk show, making him a beloved figure in the world of late-night television.