Kirsten Dunst, the Oscar-nominated actress, recently made an appearance on the talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live“, where she discussed a range of topics, including her children’s behavior and her latest film, “Civil War”.

Dunst, who has had a successful career spanning three decades, from “Little Women” to “Spider-man”, looked stunning as she sat down with host Jimmy Kimmel. The conversation took a lighthearted turn when the two discovered that their sons attend the same kindergarten class and had a recent dispute.

According to Dunst, her son Ennis had an incident with Jimmy’s son, Bil, where there was a misunderstanding over a chair. It seems Ennis mistakenly sat in Bil’s chair while he was away sharpening a pencil, which led to a small disagreement between the two boys. Despite this minor incident, Dunst assured everyone that the boys get along well overall and that their teachers are very supportive.

On the topic of her younger son, James, Dunst revealed that he is quite the character. She humorously nicknamed him “Baby Chris Farley” due to his hilarious and energetic personality. It seems that James is a bit more mischievous compared to his older brother, which is a common occurrence among siblings.

During the interview, Kimmel also touched on Dunst’s previous role as Mary Jane Watson in the “Spider-Man” films. Surprisingly, her son Jimmy shows no interest in her superhero role but rather watches the wrestling scene repeatedly. Dunst mentioned that she has shown the movie to her sons, but only Ennis seems to be scared of it, while Jimmy enjoys it.

As the conversation progressed, Dunst also discussed her latest film “Civil War”, a dystopian thriller directed by Alex Garland. She described it as an immersive and intense experience that tackles the world of photojournalism and the challenges they face. The film is not to be confused with the Marvel comic “Civil War” but instead focuses on the concept of a civil war within the United States.

Dunst’s husband, Jesse Plemons, also has a role in the movie, and she shared an interesting detail about his character. Plemons wore sunglasses in the film to make himself less recognizable, as they worked together to find the perfect pair through vintage stores in Atlanta.

The interview took a nostalgic turn when Kimmel surprised Dunst with an old interview from her teenage years with Teen Magazine. The magazine delved into personal details of her life, such as her friendships, fashion advice, and daily Starbucks routine.

Overall, Dunst’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” provided both entertaining and intriguing insights into her personal life and career. From her children’s adorable disputes to her thoughts on her past and current roles, Dunst kept the audience engaged with her witty and candid personality.