On the latest episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” host Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but discuss some controversial topics in his signature witty and satirical style. The episode, which aired on April 10th, 2024, brought attention to the recent decision made by the Arizona Supreme Court to reinstate a 160-year-old abortion ban.

Colbert immediately highlighted the absurdity of enforcing such an archaic law, emphasizing that the ban was passed before women even had the right to vote. He humorously pointed out that Arizona wasn’t even a state in 1864, questioning the legality of enforcing a law from a time when the state didn’t exist.

The talk show host also used a map of the Arizona Territory in 1864 to illustrate his point, humorously connecting Las Vegas to happenings in Arizona. Colbert quipped that what happens in Vegas actually happened in Arizona back then. He playfully pointed out that enforcing laws from that era is equivalent to arresting people in Massachusetts for not buckling their hats.

Colbert further highlighted the potential political backlash resulting from this ruling, specifically for Republican candidates trying to appeal to suburban women voters. He satirically mentioned GOP Senate candidate Cary Lake’s quick switch in stance after the ruling, where she now called for a “Common Sense” solution to the issue. Colbert mockingly referred to the candidate’s previous confident words about having great legislation in place already.

In addition to discussing the abortion ban, Colbert delved into former President Donald Trump‘s recent video on Truth Social, a social media platform he launched. The video attempted to portray Trump as taking a moderate position on abortion. However, Colbert humorously pointed out that the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision had unfortunately rendered Trump’s attempt at a middle-ground stance irrelevant.

Colbert also did not shy away from highlighting Trump’s inconsistency on the issue, humorously mentioning that Trump had changed his position on abortion a whopping 13 times over the last 25 years. The host playfully imitated Trump’s flip-flopping statements, emphasizing the comedian’s impressionist skills.

On a lighter note, Colbert touched on Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in New York. With his trademark sarcasm, Colbert shared that Trump’s lawyers mistakenly subpoenaed the wrong Jeremy Rosenberg, a New York City resident. The talk show host humorously speculated that calling Trump’s lawyers required dialing the country code for Russia first.

Closing the show, Colbert highlighted the increasing popularity of women’s sports and the historic viewership numbers of the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament final compared to the men’s final. He humorously suggested that CBS might want to consider focusing more on female-driven content in their prime time lineup.

As always, Stephen Colbert served up a dose of entertainment and playful satire, dissecting current events and offering humorous commentary on the state of affairs in the world of politics and sports. “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” continues to provide viewers with a refreshing blend of comedy and insightful analysis.