In a recent episode of the talk show hosted by David Letterman, fans were treated to a special surprise when Johnny Carson, former host of “The Tonight Show,” made an appearance via phone call. The episode, which aired on an undisclosed date, showcased a lighthearted conversation between the two iconic talk show hosts.

Letterman began by expressing his gratitude for the audience’s positive energy and admitted to feeling a little embarrassed. He humorously confessed that the show was running low on ideas, and they had even resorted to a segment called “Regis Roulette” the previous week. However, despite their creative struggles, Letterman promised to make the most of the situation.

Seeking inspiration, Letterman decided to call Carson for permission to revive a fan-favorite segment, “Stump the Band.” The audience had been eagerly requesting the return of this segment, further illustrating the show’s need for fresh ideas. It turned out that Letterman wasn’t the only one seeking Carson’s permission, as fellow comedian Chevy Chase had also reached out to him recently.

Carson humbly agreed to let Letterman use the segment, showing his continued support and friendship. Although Letterman playfully suggested a fee or perhaps even taking over Carson’s alimony payments, the former host graciously offered his blessing without any strings attached.

Following the phone call, Letterman excitedly announced that they would be playing “Stump the Band.” Paul Shaffer, the bandleader, joined in on the fun as they engaged with the enthusiastic audience. The first participant, a marathon runner named Greta Marshall from Incline Village, Nevada, took the stage. Despite her apprehension, she confidently picked the song “Ukulele Lady” for the band to play. However, it turned out not to be the correct song, prompting Letterman to joke about the audience being drunk.

Despite the mix-up, the interaction with Greta was a memorable moment on the show. As a token of appreciation, Greta received a $200 gift certificate redeemable at Rock America, a popular establishment located downstairs.

The episode concluded with Letterman reflecting on his conversation with Carson. Even after all his success and years in show business, Letterman admitted to still feeling nervous when talking to Carson. The iconic host represented a symbol of big-time show business, which made their conversation all the more exciting.

This particular episode of David Letterman‘s talk show provided a delightful blend of humor, interaction with the audience, and a surprise appearance by the legendary Johnny Carson. It is moments like these that remind audiences why talk shows like Letterman’s continue to capture our attention and entertain us with their lively and unpredictable nature.