Aisling Bea made quite the splash on The Jonathan Ross Show recently when she shared a hilarious and awkward kissing scene with fellow comedian Romesh Ranganathan. The episode, which aired on BBC 1 at 9:30 PM, had viewers in stitches as the two friends-turned-actors navigated their way through the romantic scene.

Bea joined the cast of Ranganathan’s comedy show, which centers around a man going through a divorce, in its second season. She plays a character who sparks a connection with Ranganathan’s character, leading to some steamy moments on-screen.

But what made the scene even more memorable was the fact that Bea was wearing a sling on her arm throughout the shoot. The sling was not part of the storyline, though. It turns out Bea had recently undergone shoulder surgery after a biking accident. She had injured herself during the pandemic and was still recovering during the filming of the episode. However, her commitment to the role was unwavering, even while on painkillers.

Despite the challenges of filming with a limited range of motion and being slightly “out of her head” due to the medication, Bea’s performance was nothing short of outstanding. The cast and crew, including Ranganathan, praised her for pulling off the role with such aplomb.

Interestingly, the sling itself became part of the character’s story. The show incorporated it, giving Bea’s character an additional layer of depth. It added to the comedy and showcased the creativity of the writers in turning a real-life situation into a comedic element.

One of the standout moments on the show was when Bea and Ranganathan had to film a kissing scene. While their longstanding friendship should have made it easier, Bea explained that it actually made things more difficult. It can be awkward to engage in intimate scenes with a close friend, especially when you’re both stand-up comedians. However, they managed to keep the mood light and even joked about Bea’s lackluster kissing skills.

In fact, during one take, they found themselves stuck in the embrace longer than expected when the actress who was supposed to interrupt the scene took a bit longer to enter the shot. This led to a comical situation where Bea and Ranganathan had to hold their kiss until she arrived. The whole ordeal resulted in a hilarious moment that had everyone on set in stitches.

Overall, Aisling Bea‘s appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show was a delightful mix of comedy, friendship, and unexpected mishaps. Bea’s ability to bring humor to every situation, even when dealing with a sling and an unplanned prolonged kiss, made her stand out as a comedic force to be reckoned with.

If you missed the episode, you can catch it on BBC iPlayer. And remember, always pay attention when cycling, and never underestimate the hilarity that can ensue when comedians are involved in an awkward situation.