During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, global superstar Shakira sat down to discuss her latest album, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, and her collaboration with Argentinian producer Bizarrap. The episode was filled with music, laughter, and interesting insights into Shakira‘s creative process.

The interview began with a performance of Shakira‘s hit song “Hips Don’t Lie.” As always, her electrifying stage presence and signature dance moves had the audience captivated. The conversation quickly turned to Shakira‘s impressive success in the music industry, with Jimmy Fallon commenting on how intimidating it must be to have her around at parties and weddings. Shakira humbly replied that people often try to imitate her iconic dance moves, but they usually end up sneaking out of the room.

The interview then shifted to discuss Shakira‘s recent success with her single “Te Felicito,” which quickly became a chart-topping hit. Shakira shared her gratitude for the overwhelming response to the song, attributing its success to her dedication and focus when creating music. She explained that although she doesn’t release music frequently, when she does, she gives it her all.

One interesting aspect of Shakira‘s new album was the music video for “Te Felicito.” Shakira revealed that the creative minds behind the video were none other than her own children. She explained that she had no idea what concept to pursue for the video, so she asked her children to listen to the song and visualize it. Her son suggested a robot dance, while her other son came up with the idea of green fire. Shakira loved both ideas and decided to bring them to life with the help of a director.

The interview took a heartwarming turn when Fallon played a video of Shakira passionately cheering on her son during a taekwondo tournament. Shakira admitted that she tends to get carried away with her support and even received warnings from the dojo master for her enthusiastic cheering. It was clear that Shakira is a fiercely loving and proud mother.

The conversation then shifted to Shakira‘s collaboration with Bizarrap on his hit song “Music Sessions, Volume 53.” The duo’s collaboration shattered multiple Guinness World Records, including the most-viewed Latin track on YouTube in 24 hours and the fastest Latin track to reach 100 million views on YouTube. Shakira expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support from her fans and emphasized the importance of genuine and relatable music.

Later in the interview, Shakira opened up about the inspiration behind her album, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran. She explained that the title, which translates to “Women No Longer Cry,” represents a shift in societal expectations. Shakira boldly stated that it’s time for men to take their turn in expressing their emotions, as women have been forced to hide their pain and heal in specific ways for far too long. The album serves as a testament to women’s empowerment and the importance of self-expression.

The interview concluded with Fallon expressing his admiration for Shakira‘s talent and genuine personality. The audience’s loud cheers and applause spoke volumes about the impact Shakira has had on her fans. She mentioned how supported she feels by her dedicated fanbase and shared her excitement for the release of Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran.

Shakira‘s appearance on The Tonight Show was a true celebration of her music and creative journey. The interview showcased her incredible talent, her dedication to her craft, and her commitment to empowering women worldwide. With her new album receiving widespread acclaim and breaking records, it’s clear that Shakira‘s star power and influence are stronger than ever.