On a recent episode of the talk show, David Letterman took viewers on a hilarious journey through his eye examination. After a roadside encounter with a highway patrol officer, Letterman was advised to have his eyes examined to ensure his vision was up to par. Determined to avoid any further trouble, he scheduled an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

The doctor, an expert in eye diseases and surgeries, was prepared for a routine checkup. However, Letterman had other ideas. Confident that his vision had improved since his last visit, the talk show host exclaimed that he now had the vision of a vulture. He even considered getting rose-colored lenses, a choice famously made by his dear friend, the late Elizabeth Taylor.

As the examination began, Letterman playfully showed off his knowledge by correctly identifying the letters on the eye chart. He then proceeded to showcase his memorization skills, reciting the placement of the letters from his previous visit. With a great sense of humor, he entertained the doctor with his rendition of various animals, including a bunny with three ears.

Not one to miss an opportunity for theatrics, Letterman suggested that they enhance future eye exams by adding music to his entrances. Whether it be the dramatic theme from “Dr. Zhivago” or the iconic melody from “Gone With the Wind,” he was determined to make his checkups a cinematic experience.

The examination continued with the doctor administering drops to dilate Letterman’s pupils. Despite some comedic mishaps – like mistaking a neck brace for an eye accessory – the talk show host remained in good spirits. He even flirted with the doctor, complimenting her lovely eyes while hilariously accusing her of wearing a particular cologne, much to her amusement.

With the examination concluded, it was time for the grand reveal. Letterman eagerly awaited the doctor’s verdict on his vision. The doctor, who was equally thrilled by Letterman’s enthusiasm, delivered the good news – his eye exam was entirely normal, and he had the eyes of a vulture. Relieved, Letterman expressed his gratitude, and the segment concluded on a lighthearted, positive note.

This charming and comedic segment from David Letterman‘s talk show showcases his wit and humor while providing a glimpse into the world of a celebrity’s eye examination. With Letterman’s trademark charm and playful antics, the segment proves to be an entertaining and memorable experience for viewers. Fans of the chat show, talk show, and David Letterman himself are sure to enjoy this delightful and light-hearted episode.