In the latest episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Marisa Abela took center stage in a captivating interview. The talk show host congratulated Sam Taylor-Johnson on her new film, in which Marisa Abela portrays Amy Winehouse. Jonathan was quick to praise Marisa’s incredible performance, acknowledging the daunting challenge of playing such a well-known figure. However, Marisa approached the role with determination, using her fear as a driving force in her preparation.

Sam Taylor-Johnson revealed that Marisa stood out among the multitude of actors who auditioned for the role. With her unique approach and natural talent, Marisa effortlessly transformed into Amy Winehouse even before uttering a single word. Sam knew right then that she had found the perfect match for the part.

The film, set to be released on April 12th, promises to be both emotional and lighthearted. While it delves into the tragic life of Amy Winehouse, there are also uplifting moments that make it an enjoyable watch. The trailer showcased Marisa’s remarkable portrayal of Amy, leaving the audience eager to see more.

One surprising element of the film is Marisa’s singing abilities. She flawlessly delivers Amy Winehouse‘s iconic songs, lending authenticity to her portrayal. Interestingly, Marisa didn’t audition for her singing skills, but her commitment to embodying Amy from the inside out.

Jonathan Ross couldn’t help but mention his own connection to Amy Winehouse. He shared that he had interviewed her early in her career and even provided a clip of the interview for the film. To everyone’s surprise, the filmmakers seamlessly incorporated Marisa into the original footage, creating a truly remarkable moment.

Marisa revealed that playing Amy Winehouse had a profound effect on her. To keep the lines between herself and the character clear, she created an “Amy perfume” that she would wear during filming and promptly wash off upon returning home. This sensory approach helped her fully immerse herself in the role.

Sam Taylor-Johnson, known for her directing prowess, added an interesting tidbit about her directing experience with her husband, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Sam had directed Aaron in projects like “Nowhere Boy” and “A Million Little Pieces.” She shared that Aaron’s intensity on screen has only grown over the years and that he fully embraces his characters, often bringing them home with him.

In a surprising revelation, Sam hinted at the possibility of directing a Bond film, making her the first woman to take on the role. However, when asked if her husband could potentially play James Bond, Sam dismissed the idea, stating that it wasn’t up to her to speculate. Nevertheless, she made it clear that Aaron Taylor-Johnson would excel in the iconic role.

As the interview came to an end, it was evident that Sam Taylor-Johnson and Marisa Abela had created something remarkable with their new film. The anticipation for its release continues to grow, leaving audiences eager to witness Marisa’s stunning performance as she brings Amy Winehouse‘s legacy back to life.

Be sure to catch the full interview on The Jonathan Ross Show and mark your calendars for the film’s release on April 12th.