Simon Cowell, the infamous judge from “American Idol,” made a guest appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” in 2004, and the conversation was nothing short of entertaining. The talk show host, Ellen Degeneres, engaged in a lively chat with Cowell, discussing various topics, including the popular singing competition and the unpredictability of the music industry.

Cowell couldn’t help but address the amusing dance routines that the audience performs before the show starts. He jokingly pointed out the lack of dance skills among some participants, saying, “White Men Can’t Dance.” Although he admitted he wouldn’t be caught dancing himself, Cowell agreed to go out dancing with Ellen, even suggesting they clear a club for an exclusive dance session.

The conversation quickly turned to the recently eliminated contestant, Latoya London, who had surprised the audience with her personality during her appearance on the show. Cowell voiced his confusion over why her personality hadn’t been showcased earlier on “American Idol.” Despite this, he acknowledged that the music industry, like the show, can be weird, unpredictable, and sometimes unjust.

He referenced Jessica Simpson‘s career, noting how her popularity skyrocketed after her infamous “tuna” incident on a TV show. Cowell emphasized the oddities of the music industry, where peculiar moments can propel artists to stardom. He related this to the surprises happening on “American Idol” that season, mentioning that even though Latoya was arguably the best singer left, strange circumstances and popularity still played a crucial role.

Cowell mentioned Jasmine Trias from Hawaii, emphasizing that her presence on the show was a result of her fanbase in her home state rather than exceptional singing ability. He expressed his fondness for the element of surprise and unpredictability in the competition, adding that it would be boring if everything went exactly as expected.

The conversation turned towards Fantasia, another contestant who stood out with her exceptional vocal ability and captivating stage presence. Cowell praised Fantasia‘s talent, revealing that he knew she would be a star from the moment she auditioned. He even stated that she was so talented that she didn’t need the show to secure a recording contract, unlike other winners from previous seasons.

As the interview continued, Ellen shifted gears and played a game with Cowell. She showed him pictures of various celebrities, asking him to share his thoughts. Cowell, known for his sharp wit, offered witty remarks and compliments, expressing his opinions about Madonna, Paul Abdul, and even Donald Trump.

The segment ended with Cowell’s anticipation for the upcoming episodes of “American Idol,” where the winner would be announced. Ellen playfully warned him to be nice to the contestants, to which Cowell assured her that he would. However, fans of the show knew that Cowell’s sharp critiques and honest observations were part of his charm.

This entertaining conversation between Simon Cowell and Ellen Degeneres on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” offered a glimpse into the world of “American Idol” and the candid personality of the famous talent judge. With humor and insight, Cowell highlighted the unexpected twists and turns that make the show and the music industry captivating and unpredictable.

Originally aired on May 18, 2004