In a recent episode of the popular chat show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host delved into the ongoing legal battles of former President Donald J. Trump. With his usual wit and humor, Kimmel reported on the latest news surrounding Trump’s court appearances.

Prosecutors started off the day by filing documents stating that Trump had violated the judge’s gag order. As a result, he could potentially face fines of $1,000 per offense. However, true to form, Trump took to Twitter to complain about the judge, claiming his first amendment rights were being violated.

Speaking on the show, Trump’s legal advisor, Alen Haba, commented on the possibility of Trump being sent to jail for contempt of court. While acknowledging that no one wants to go to jail, Haba doubted Trump’s concern, comparing him to Nelson Mandela.

The courtroom shenanigans continued as reports circulated that Trump had fallen asleep during the trial. Although his lawyers denied these claims, witnesses in the room confirmed that he had indeed dozed off. Kimmel jokingly suggested that his lawyers might be tranquilizing him to prevent outbursts.

Outside the courthouse, Trump floated a new defense, claiming that he had marked the lawyer fees paid to Stormy Daniels as a legal expense. Kimmel humorously pointed out that being paid hush money is not illegal, but falsifying records to hide it as a business expense is.

Despite the mounting legal troubles and controversies, Trump’s supporters remained undeterred. It seems that his loyal base is unfazed by the revelations, prompting Kimmel to remark, “Turns out his supporters don’t care that he’s a lying, cheating scumbag.”

As the court proceedings continued, jury selection became paramount. Lawyers on both sides were keen to eliminate any potential bias from the jury pool. Kimmel highlighted the humorous practice of investigating potential jurors’ social media posts about Trump, imagining the embarrassment of having old Facebook posts read aloud in court.

Trump’s son Baron’s high school graduation became a point of contention during the episode. Trump claimed that the judge might prevent him from attending the ceremony, although no ruling had been made. The host hilariously suggested that Trump should call the judge’s bluff, as people would rally around him, emphasizing the relatable desire of a parent to attend their child’s graduation.

Trump’s family also joined in on the graduation dispute. Donald Jr. called the judge “pure evil,” while Eric claimed he was heartless for not allowing Trump to attend his son’s important milestone. Ivanka, however, remained conspicuously silent.

In a stroke of unfortunate events for the Trump clan, Trump’s media company saw its stock plummet by 70% since going public. Kimmel entertained the audience with a colorful graph depicting the stock’s ups and downs, quipping that if you had invested in Trump’s stock, you may end up losing all your money.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden made a visit to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he addressed the financial struggles many Americans face. Kimmel playfully commended Biden’s ability to connect with people and criticized Trump’s poor speaking skills.

The episode touched on various other news stories, including the lighting of the Olympic flame in Greece for the upcoming Summer Games in Paris and the controversial abortion law enforced by the Arizona state supreme court.

All in all, Jimmy Kimmel Live delivered another entertaining and insightful episode, providing a lighthearted perspective on the latest developments in Trump’s legal battles.