Danielle, who hails from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, explained that her parents were extremely strict and they didn’t have cable. So, in order to indulge in her love for Conan’s late-night antics, she took matters into her own hands and stole a television. She hid it in her bedroom, covering it with a sheet and wearing headphones to avoid getting caught.

Conan was both impressed and flabbergasted by Danielle‘s story. He couldn’t believe that she went to such great lengths just to watch his show. In fact, he jokingly asked her what was wrong with the first eight years of his show, to which Danielle playfully responded, “I couldn’t steal a television fast enough!”

As the conversation continued, Conan expressed his gratitude for Danielle‘s unwavering support over the years. Danielle admitted to being a fan for the past 20 years, but Conan quickly corrected her, saying he had been on the air for 28 years. They shared a laugh as Danielle explained that she had to steal a television to watch Conan’s show because her strict parents didn’t allow her to have one.

Conan’s genuine appreciation for Danielle‘s dedication was evident throughout the conversation. He thanked her for being such a loyal fan and even promised to bring out a bronze statue of her when she returns to the show in the future.

Aside from her love for Conan and his show, Danielle also shared details about her own life. She revealed that she started off as an actor in the theater but eventually transitioned into film and television roles. She humorously mentioned being a part of “the worst television show that NBC ever produced,” called “Do No Harm,” which got canceled after just two episodes.

Interestingly, Danielle now resides in the heart of Amish Country in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she works with Amish individuals. She debunked some common misconceptions about the Amish, such as their usage of cell phones and the internet. She revealed that she often interacts with Amish people who use modern technology like cell phones and even surf the internet.

During her time living in Amish Country, Danielle couldn’t help but notice some unusual habits of the Amish youth. She explained that Amish teenagers on “Rumspringa” (a period when they explore the outside world) enjoy drinking Mountain Dew, smoking cigarettes, and listening to rap music. She amusingly added that they love blasting rap tunes from their horse-drawn buggies as they drive slowly down the main road.

Conan found this revelation fascinating, especially since his friend Jack McBrayer shares a deep love for Mountain Dew. They joked about the possibility of an Amish gang in prison called “The Amish Brotherhood,” who would use their woodworking skills to build unique contraband items like catapults.

As the conversation shifted, Danielle talked about her current occupation as a professional flower grower and arranger. She sells cut flowers and also works for several companies, providing photography, videography, and writing articles about plants. She mentioned that her old landlord, an ex-Amish man, didn’t adhere to Amish customs, which resulted in him getting shunned by the community.

Overall, this lively conversation between Conan O’Brien and his dedicated fan Danielle gave viewers a humorous and insightful glimpse into the world of Conan’s fandom and the fascinating Amish culture. Despite the unconventional means Danielle employed to watch his show, Conan’s appreciation for her unwavering support was crystal clear.