During his conversation with Colbert, Scott revealed that his previous interview was supposed to air around the time of the writer’s strike in May. Unfortunately, due to the strike, the interview was shelved and never saw the light of day.

Scott reminisced about the lost interview, sharing some hilarious moments that took place. He mentioned a fire alarm going off in the middle of the interview and even saving a baby dropping from a balcony. It’s a shame that these moments were never seen by the audience, but Scott remains grateful for the experience.

Not only did they discuss the lost interview, but Scott and Colbert also delved into their shared love for “Law and Order.” Scott recently joined the cast of the iconic show, fulfilling a dream that had evaded him for many years. He joked about how crime is not going to fight itself, and now he has the opportunity to fight it on screen.

Scott also shared an amusing story about meeting his real-life counterpart, a person whom Rolling Stone dubbed as his potential counterpart in the series “Veep.” This encounter at the White House Press Correspondents’ dinner added to Scott’s appreciation for the show and its close-knit cast.

In addition to their professional discussions, Scott and Colbert reminisced about a past encounter at a party where Scott yelled, “I have no soul!” as Colbert walked by. It’s clear that their friendship and shared humor have transcended the boundaries of the entertainment industry.

As the interview concluded, Scott expressed his excitement for his new film, “The Idea Of You,” which premiered on Prime Video on May 2nd. He thanked Colbert and bid farewell, leaving viewers with a sense of anticipation for his future projects.

Although his previous interview may have been lost in the shuffle, Reid Scott‘s appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” proved to be an entertaining and memorable segment. From his tales of the lost interview to his excitement for his role on “Law and Order,” Scott showcased his charm and humor, leaving us wanting more.