On a recent episode of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” host Stephen Colbert showcased his love for dogs with another heartwarming segment of “Rescue Dog Rescue.” This popular segment aims to find loving homes for rescue puppies, and Colbert proudly announced that every single dog featured in the past has been adopted.

To make these adorable puppies even more appealing, Colbert and his special guest, actor Daniel Radcliffe, shared some flattering lies about them. Radcliffe, who is currently casting for an all-dog version of the Broadway play “Merrily We Roll Along,” showcased his talent for lying about dogs, adding a humorous touch to the segment.

The first pup introduced was Felix, a cute little fella currently earning his PhD in ethnomusicology at Boston University. Colbert assured the audience that Felix’s studies ensure he won’t be leaving home anytime soon. Next up was Dakota, who apparently has the rare ability to use the toilet like a human. She mysteriously disappears with her phone for 40 minutes, leaving everyone to wonder what she’s up to.

Abby, another adorable canine, always remembers where she left her glasses, which happen to be on her face. Colbert humorously emphasized that it’s best not to underestimate her acting skills, given her impressive ability to handle a crossbow. Denise, the talent-packed dog, has a triple threat of singing, dancing, and firing a crossbow, although her acting skills may need some improvement.

Colbert then introduced Agnes, a certified intimacy coordinator. She takes her job seriously and pays close attention to couples engaging in intimate activities, providing notes and ensuring an unforgettable experience. The next pup showcased was The Edge, who surprisingly turned out to be the actual guitarist from the band U2. Colbert playfully suggested that the audience should question why they have never seen The Edge and this dog in the same place before.

Barney, a slightly older dog, is a Michelin-starred chef ready to cook gourmet meals for his new family. Colbert amusingly assured viewers that Barney no longer has any nut allergies, which is a relief for those with dietary restrictions. Lastly, there was Harry Papa, a powerful wizard who might require a pad due to his magical accidents.

Colbert wrapped up the segment by reminding viewers that all the showcased dogs are up for adoption through Northshore Animal League America. To learn more about these adorable pups and how to adopt them, visit the organization’s website or scan the provided QR code. Additionally, audiences can catch Daniel Radcliffe in the extended run of “Merrily We Roll Along” on Broadway until July.

“Rescue Dog Rescue” always brings joy and laughter, thanks to Colbert’s passion for dogs and his ability to infuse humor into every segment. Stay tuned for more heartwarming and entertaining acts on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”