Fans of the legendary comedian and actress Carol Burnett were treated to a delightful surprise on a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The talk show host welcomed the seven-time Emmy winner and American legend to discuss her upcoming 91st birthday and share some memorable moments from her illustrious career.

Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time in praising Burnett for her recent appearance at the Academy Awards, where she received high praise for her performance. He also took the opportunity to wish her a happy birthday, as she would be turning 91 in a few days. Burnett, always humble, revealed that she planned on celebrating with close friends instead of throwing a big party.

When Kimmel asked her about the best birthday present she had ever received, Burnett couldn’t think of anything specific. However, she did mention a recent appearance on Kelly and Mark’s show where she expressed her desire to meet Bradley Cooper. As a surprise for her upcoming birthday, the show reached out to the actor, who sent a heartfelt video message expressing his admiration and hopes of working together one day. Burnett was overjoyed by the unexpected gift and called it a “step in the right direction.”

The conversation then turned to Burnett’s numerous awards and accolades. She shared that her first-ever win was for the most outstanding newcomer in the theater arts department at UCLA, where she was a freshman at the time. Though she didn’t remember receiving a trophy, she did mention cherishing the moment and keeping the award close to her heart.

Burnett also regaled Kimmel with a hilarious story from her early days as an usherette at a movie theater near Hollywood High School. Despite her love for movies, she made the mistake of preventing a couple from entering the theater during the last five minutes of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train.” This led to her getting fired on the spot, but as fate would have it, years later, she acquired the very door she stood by that night, thanks to her husband’s intervention during the renovation of the theater. She now proudly displays the door at her home as a memento of that eventful night.

The conversation shifted to Burnett’s recent role in the comedy-drama series, “Palm Royale.” She plays Norma Del Accord, a character in a coma for the first seven episodes of the show. Burnett expressed her excitement in working with talented actors like Kristen Wiig and Ricky Martin, sharing how much fun she had on set. She even admitted to improvising her lines during the gibberish scenes, which were a result of her character’s inability to speak.

As the interview came to a close, Kimmel jokingly asked whether Burnett had ever considered running for president. With her quick wit, she replied that she couldn’t because of the age requirement. The audience erupted in laughter at her response, highlighting the enduring charm and sense of humor that has made Burnett an American treasure.

Fans can catch Carol Burnett‘s captivating performance in “Palm Royale” by streaming new episodes every Wednesday on Apple TV+. And as this iconic entertainer celebrates her 91st birthday, it’s a reminder that her talent and charisma continue to captivate audiences of all ages.