In a recent episode of the popular talk show “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” the talented actress Halle Berry made an appearance to chat about her experience playing Catwoman. The conversation between Halle Berry and Ellen Degeneres was a lively and entertaining one, filled with laughs and interesting tidbits about Halle’s career and personal life.

Ellen began the conversation by complimenting Halle on her stunning looks, as she always manages to look incredible. Halle modestly accepted the compliment and mentioned that she had been growing out her hair for her recent movie roles. She explained that she had been sporting the same length of hair for the past couple of movies but was now growing out her own hair, which looked fantastic.

The talk between Halle and Ellen took a funny turn when Ellen humorously contemplated getting movie hair too but acknowledged that it would be rather boring to sit through the process. Halle joined in the laughter and shared that her own hair started somewhere in the middle, showcasing her versatility when it comes to different looks.

The conversation shifted to Halle’s multiple appearances in People’s “50 Most Beautiful People” list. Ellen playfully asked if it meant that Halle had been considered beautiful for eight years in a row. Halle humorously replied that there was indeed one year when she didn’t make the list but was deemed beautiful again the following year. With her infectious laughter, Halle charmed the audience and Ellen alike.

Ellen then surprised Halle by sharing a throwback picture of her as Miss Ohio. Halle reminisced about her journey into the pageant, admitting that it all started when her boyfriend at the time secretly sent in her senior high school picture for fun. To her surprise, she received a response in the mail inviting her to participate in the pageant. Halle took her prom dress to the pageant and ended up winning, although she acknowledged that it was more of a fluke and she had simply been having fun with her prom dress.

The conversation then turned to Halle’s role as Storm in the X-Men franchise. Ellen pointed out that Halle had her own action figure, which Halle admitted didn’t look much like her. They shared a lighthearted moment as they playfully compared the doll to Halle’s appearance, bringing laughter to the audience.

Moving on, Halle discussed her experience preparing for the role of Catwoman. She mentioned working with choreographer Anne Fletcher, who helped her learn how to move like a cat. The production team even rescued 60 cats from a shelter and trained them for the movie. Halle instantly fell in love with one cat named Play-Doh and ended up keeping him as a pet.

To demonstrate her cat-like movements, Halle taught Ellen a few cat poses. They had fun pretending to crack a whip before transitioning into a cat stance and swishing their “tails.” Hilarity ensued as Halle tried to teach Ellen how to purr by saying “per” and Ellen jokingly remarked that she needed a mint afterwards.

The segment concluded with Halle and Ellen crawling on the floor sideways like cats, adding a playful and energetic element to the talk show. Halle ended the interview by promoting her upcoming movie, “Catwoman,” which was set to hit theaters on July 23, 2004.

Halle Berry‘s appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” was a delightful and entertaining conversation that showcased Halle’s charm, humor, and talent. It was a memorable episode that left the audience and viewers at home smiling and eagerly anticipating Halle’s upcoming movie release.

Originally aired on May 27, 2004