Howie Mandel and Jimmy Fallon recently engaged in a competitive and hilarious round of “Password” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The talk show segment was filled with laughter and excitement as both celebrities tried to outwit each other in this intense game.

In this best-out-of-three battle, the first team to reach 15 points would win round one. However, there was a twist: the players had the option to “shoot the moon,” which meant risking a big lead for even more points. But if they missed, their opponent would have a chance to snatch those points away.

Jimmy Fallon, as the host, kicked things off with his usual enthusiasm. Howie Mandel, known for his comedic work, was his worthy adversary. The first password was revealed, and the game was on.

Jimmy, respecting Howie’s talent, graciously passed the turn to him. Howie’s clue, delivered in a British accent, left the audience and Jimmy puzzled. The word was “theater,” but acting wasn’t the right answer. Jimmy seized the opportunity and correctly guessed “Shakespeare,” earning his team five points amid cheers from the audience.

As the game progressed, the tension rose. Howie and Jimmy found themselves in a tricky situation more than once. The second password, “spa,” left Jimmy stumped even after multiple attempts. The points slipped away as Howie’s team correctly guessed “facial.”

The third round brought even more excitement. Sandy, one of the contestants, chose to pass the turn, leaving Scott to crack the password “chips.” After several failed attempts, the word “Dorito” finally prompted the right answer, earning Scott’s team six points.

The game continued with Howie passing on an opportunity to play. Sandy and Scott engaged in a battle of words, with Sandy successfully guessing “rumor” from Howie’s clues. With the score close and the game hanging in the balance, Sandy found a way to connect “limp” to “soggy,” securing another point for her team.

In the final round, Howie opted to pass once again. Scott and Sandy tried their best to unravel the mystery behind the password “gas,” but they couldn’t quite hit the mark. The pressure shifted back to Howie, who faced the chance to win the first round. With a perfect clue, Sandy confidently answered “pump,” securing the victory for her team amid overwhelming cheers and laughter.

This thrilling game of “Password” between Howie Mandel and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was a delightful rollercoaster of entertainment. The host and his guest showcased their wit and quick thinking, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats throughout each round. Undoubtedly, this segment added another memorable moment to the rich history of the show.