The latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live had no shortage of entertainment and surprises. Host Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the show by taking a break from talking about the former president, Donald Trump, and directed his attention to another controversial figure, Kanye West. Apparently, Kanye is planning to enter the world of film, specifically the world of pornographic film, with a new studio called Yeezy porn. It seems like a strange move considering Kanye’s previous venture into opening a Christian private school. But hey, his range knows no bounds.

To make things even more interesting, Kanye has reportedly been in talks with none other than Stormy Daniels‘s ex-husband, producer Mike MZ, to help with this new project. If you thought Kanye working with stormy Daniels’s ex was bizarre, Jimmy had an even more surprising announcement. He came across a gentleman on an English Morning Show who claims to have Britain’s biggest penis, measuring over 12 inches when erect. Matt, the well-endowed man, appeared on the show to discuss the challenges that come with his gift. Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to find the most unexpected connections.

Switching gears, Jimmy couldn’t help but comment on some recent political news. The Senate passed a $5 billion military aid package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, which also includes a requirement for the Chinese company that owns TikTok to either sell it or be banned nationwide. It’s a move that raises concerns about privacy and control, but as Jimmy pointed out, there are already plenty of American apps and websites that are banned in China, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

But back to Trump. Jimmy couldn’t help but mention how Donald Trump seems to be milking his gag order for all it’s worth. Trump has been repeatedly violating the gag order, and now he’s waiting for a ruling from the judge on whether he will be held in contempt. And while Trump continues to make waves, his opponent, Joe Biden, is out on the road, seemingly unaffected by Trump’s antics.

Speaking of Trump, he’s already assembling a transition team in case he gets reelected. And who is leading this team? None other than his sons, Eric and Don Jr. And let’s not forget about Eric’s wife, Lara, who is co-chair of the RNC. But Jimmy couldn’t help but poke fun at the Trump family by sending a wedding gift to MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell, who recently got married. Jimmy jokingly sent him a trash can, a reference to the claims Mike has been making about the 2020 election.

In another bizarre twist, former Congressman George Santos has dropped out of the race for Congress. Santos claims he wants to avoid splitting the ticket and handing the win to a Democrat, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that he raised exactly zero dollars in the first quarter of fundraising.

And in a truly surreal announcement, Trump is set to receive a 1.2 billion dollar bonus for his Truth Social stock. This is despite the fact that the company only has 4 million dollars in revenue. Jimmy couldn’t help but question how this is possible and called out the absurdity of it all.

Overall, the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live was packed with entertainment and unexpected moments. From Kanye’s venture into pornographic film to Trump’s ongoing antics, there was no shortage of material for Jimmy to dissect and entertain his audience with. As always, Jimmy’s wit and humor kept viewers engaged and craving more.