Tom Selleck recently made an appearance on the popular talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show. The conversation between the actor and the host was filled with laughter and interesting anecdotes.

During the interview, Ellen asked Tom about his experience working on the movie “Love Letter” with her. They reminisced about how they were almost an item and how the movie was unfortunately overshadowed by the release of Star Wars. Tom revealed that the original ending of the movie was changed, and he ended up with Kate Capshaw instead of Ellen. Despite that, he mentioned that the rejection actually made it a magical experience.

Changing gears, Ellen and Tom discussed the filming location of Rockport, Massachusetts. According to Tom, the town was picturesque but seemed to be only inhabited by tourists. He amusingly shared a story of stepping out of his house only to find a line of cars filled with curious visitors. He jokingly pondered whether anyone truly lived in Rockport or if it was just a town for tourists.

The conversation then turned towards the Friends finale, and Ellen asked if Tom had attended. Although his character Richard did not play a prominent role in the last episode, Tom still attended the finale party. He admitted feeling slightly disappointed that his character wasn’t included more, but he had a great time hanging out with Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry. Tom even shared that he initially tried to teach his daughter to drive the next day but had to abandon the task due to exhaustion from the eventful party.

Ellen and Tom veered into a funny discussion about teaching children how to drive. Tom shared an entertaining story of teaching his son how to drive a stick shift, which resulted in accidentally driving off a third-story parking structure. While Ellen expressed concern, Tom assured her that they were okay and attributed the incident to a friendly place. This led to a brief diversion about Tom’s upcoming film, where he played an old bald guy.

As the conversation wrapped up, Ellen complimented Tom on his acting skills and thanked him for being on the show. Tom expressed his pride in the movie and mentioned that it brought back emotional memories of his father and those who served in the military.

The episode ended on a light note, with Tom joking about staying in a hotel during filming. He shared how nobody noticed him while he stayed at a popular hotel on the dock where cruise ships let out passengers. Tom couldn’t help but laugh as he recalled an encounter with a man who suspected he was Tom Selleck but believed no one would let themselves go that much. Despite the hilarious exchange, Tom had an amazing time shooting the film in New Zealand.

Tom Selleck‘s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show was filled with entertaining stories and amusing banter. The actor’s down-to-earth personality and ability to share engaging anecdotes made for a lively and memorable conversation.

Originally aired on May 27, 2004