In a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, actor Channing Tatum made an appearance that left audiences in awe. From his charming personality to his hilarious anecdotes, Tatum stole the show.

Ellen began the interview by mentioning Tatum’s dance moves, referencing his role in Magic Mike. However, Tatum quickly clarified that not every dance he performs is about taking off his clothes. He emphasized the importance of taking time off and enjoying life without work.

The conversation then shifted to Tatum’s roots in New Orleans, where he revealed his father was born. Ellen, who is also from New Orleans, and Tatum bonded over their shared Cajun background. Despite his attempts at a Cajun accent, Tatum admitted it wasn’t the best.

The discussion then went on to Tatum’s recent trip to Africa. He explained how he visited the Gambia National Reserve and witnessed the incredible chimpanzee rehabilitation project. Tatum was amazed at how these chimpanzees were reintroduced into the wild and now thrive in the Gambian River islands.

Ellen also took the opportunity to ask Tatum about his daughter with his wife, Jenna. Tatum proudly shared that their daughter is now eight months old and already showing her own taste in music. According to Tatum, she falls asleep to artists like Drake and Prince, proving she has better taste than him.

The conversation turned to Tatum’s upcoming projects, including his role in the movie Lucky Logan. He expressed his relief at not having to be in top shape for this film, jokingly stating that he could indulge in snacks this time.

The interview took a turn when Ellen brought up Tatum’s appearance on Lip Sync Battle, where he performed alongside Beyonce. Tatum revealed that getting Beyonce to be a part of the performance was a surprise to him and described the experience as one of the most terrifying things he’s ever done.

As the interview came to a close, Ellen gifted Tatum with a pair of medals, playfully making him wear them. She then challenged Tatum and her other guest, Simone Biles, to play a basketball game with a twist. The hoops were smaller, and if they missed a shot, they had to take a shot of Tatum’s vodka.

The game was filled with amusing attempts at making shots, and Tatum ended up taking multiple shots of his own vodka. The lighthearted competition ended with laughter and applause.

Overall, Tatum’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show showcased his humor, down-to-earth nature, and undeniable charm. From discussing his personal life to sharing behind-the-scenes moments, Tatum left a lasting impression on both Ellen and the viewers.