During an episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, actress Kate Hudson made her first appearance since giving birth to her son Ryder. Ellen immediately praised Kate for her stunning post-baby figure, jokingly suggesting that they could have provided her with a more comfortable chair. Kate shared that she actually had dinner with Ellen once before but didn’t have the chance to talk much due to the seating arrangement. They bonded over their love for card games like Texas hold ’em and high-low.

Kate, who was promoting her film “Raising Helen,” talked about balancing work and motherhood. She mentioned how fortunate she felt to be able to bring Ryder on set with her. Ellen pointed out that Kate had lost all the pregnancy weight, to which Kate humbly admitted that she still had a few pounds to lose.

The conversation then shifted to Kate’s husband, Chris Robinson, who was on tour with his solo band, New Earth Mud. Ellen playfully suggested that Kate and Ryder join Chris on tour, and Kate expressed her curiosity about what it would be like for a child to live on a tour bus. Ellen, a former stand-up comedian who has experienced touring, mentioned that while some buses were nice, it could be challenging to sleep comfortably while the bus was in motion.

The interview ended on a light-hearted note, with Ellen surprising Kate with a clothing ensemble for Ryder, complete with a mini guitar. Kate was delighted by the adorable gift and expressed her appreciation for the thoughtful gesture.

Overall, Kate Hudson‘s first appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show was a lively and entertaining conversation that showcased her warm personality and the unique dynamics of being a working mom in the entertainment industry.

Originally aired on May 28, 2004