The Ellen Degeneres Show returned this week with a bang, and there was no shortage of excitement and entertainment. On the first episode back, Ellen had an incredible lineup of guests, including country music star Tim McGraw, actress Pamela Anderson, and Olympic gold medalist Paul Hamm. The episode was filled with laughter, surprises, and even a few animal encounters in Ellen’s backyard.

Ellen began the show by giving an update on the fascinating wildlife that inhabits her backyard. From owls to skunks, koi fish to herons, and even bobcats, Ellen’s backyard is like a safari park. She shared stories of how she protects her koi fish from the herons using fishing wire and mentioned the various other animals like raccoons, gophers, hummingbirds, coyotes, stray cats, and even a band member, Brian Setzer, who visit her backyard. Ellen’s love for animals is evident as she proudly states that she won’t harm any creature that comes into her yard, except for elk.

Moving on, Ellen introduced her first guest of the day, Pamela Anderson. The actress, renowned for her iconic role on Baywatch, discussed her new book, “Star,” which has already made it onto the New York Times bestseller list. Pamela also revealed that she has her own fashion line, which includes skirts, jeans, jewelry, shoes, and non-leather handbags. She even brought some sample items as presents for Ellen. Pamela’s fashion line is an impressive endeavor alongside her busy schedule as a mom and an actress.

Ellen couldn’t help but mention Pamela’s love life, as it has always been a topic of interest for many. Pamela revealed that she is currently dating and finding it challenging to balance her personal life with her role as a mother. With two children, Brandon and Dylan, Pamela discussed the difficulties of dating when children are involved, but she remains optimistic about finding love.

Next on the show was country music sensation Tim McGraw. Ellen highlighted his latest album, “Live Like You Were Dying,” which had topped the charts at number one. Tim performed one of his hit singles, truly capturing the hearts of the audience. His soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics made for an unforgettable performance.

Finally, Ellen welcomed Paul Hamm, an Olympic gold medalist in men’s gymnastics. The audience was thrilled to witness Paul’s incredible talent and skill. His presence on the show added excitement and inspiration, reminding everyone of the hard work and dedication required to achieve great success.

Throughout the show, Ellen’s humor and charm shone through, creating an entertaining and enjoyable experience for both the live audience and viewers at home. Her banter with the guests, witty remarks, and funny moments kept everyone laughing.

As the episode drew to a close, Ellen teased upcoming surprises for the new season, including more outfit changes and wigs. She emphasized her commitment to educate and entertain her audience, promising exciting experiences to come.

Overall, the first episode back of The Ellen Degeneres Show was a tremendous success, demonstrating why the show remains a favorite among talk show lovers. With a star-studded lineup, engaging conversations, and Ellen’s charismatic hosting, it’s clear that this season will be packed with unforgettable moments and joyous laughter.