Fans of the beloved sitcom Seinfeld will be thrilled to hear that Jerry Seinfeld is back with a brand new show, appropriately titled “Seinfeld.” The comedian recently appeared on the popular talk show, David Letterman, to discuss his excitement about the upcoming premiere.

During his appearance, Seinfeld couldn’t contain his enthusiasm as he discussed the show’s premiere on the NBC television network. Set to air on Thursday, May 31st, “Seinfeld” promises to bring back the same hilarious and relatable humor that made the original series a true classic.

In his typical comedic style, Seinfeld couldn’t resist poking fun at the dreaded Van Wick highway, which he had to endure on his way to the show. With his trademark wit, Seinfeld hilariously expressed his disdain for traffic and lane experts constantly re-evaluating their choices.

Seinfeld’s humor continued to shine as he wondered aloud about the future of traffic, provoking laughter from the audience. He playfully pondered if traffic would ever reach a point where it started moving backward or if people would find themselves stuck in even worse congestion. His comedic genius had the crowd roaring with laughter, once again proving why Seinfeld is a true entertainment legend.

Talking about his new show, Seinfeld explained that it is a situation comedy with stand-up segments sprinkled throughout. By incorporating his observations into the show, he avoids the need for forced jokes within the dialogue, making for a more organic and authentic viewing experience.

The audience was treated to a sneak peek of “Seinfeld” with a clip from the premiere episode, showcasing the comedian’s continued ability to bring humor to everyday situations. With his wit and charm still intact, it’s clear that “Seinfeld” will not disappoint fans of the original series.

As the interview concluded, Seinfeld delighted viewers with his timeless comedic brilliance. Both fans of the original show and new viewers are eagerly awaiting the premiere of “Seinfeld” and are excited to have Jerry Seinfeld back on their screens.

Be sure to mark your calendars for May 31st and tune in to NBC to catch the highly anticipated return of “Seinfeld.” It’s bound to be a hilarious and entertaining ride that will once again cement Jerry Seinfeld‘s status as a comedy icon.