On a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, comedian Buddy Hackett had the audience roaring with laughter with his hilarious jokes and funny anecdotes. Buddy, known for his quick wit and comedic timing, never fails to entertain the audience with his hilarious stories and one-liners.

During his appearance on the talk show, Buddy shared some amusing moments from his personal life. He mentioned that his wife has a knack for decorating and recently redecorated their house, which turned out to be magnificent. Buddy joked that if he let his wife practice on their house long enough, she could even decorate Ed’s house, costing him everything he’s earned.

Amidst the laughs, Johnny Carson and Buddy Hackett reminisced about the comedy group The Three Stooges. Buddy revealed that he was once offered the role of the third Stooge but declined because he couldn’t handle the physical comedy involved. They discussed how The Three Stooges were underrated during their time but have now become cult figures, gaining even more popularity through syndication on television.

Buddy Hackett also shared some exciting news during his appearance on The Tonight Show. He mentioned that he will be opening with a joke during his upcoming HBO special, where he talks about a Chinese doctor. This joke has already become a fan favorite, with audiences requesting it at every show. Buddy’s ability to create jokes that resonate with people across different platforms speaks to his timeless comedic talents.

Furthermore, Buddy disclosed that he has recently made a pilot for NBC called “There Goes the Neighborhood.” The show revolves around three hobos who unexpectedly inherit a mansion and a successful business. Buddy’s natural humor and comedic timing shine through in the premise, promising a hilarious and entertaining television experience.

The conversation then shifts to Buddy Hackett‘s upcoming three-year contract with the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel has introduced a unique gambling experience, where patrons can bet a staggering one million dollars per card. Although Buddy himself admits to not being much of a gambler, he shared a funny anecdote about two men from New York who didn’t fare too well during a game of baccarat.

As the interview progressed, Buddy Hackett treated the audience to more of his trademark humor. He shared a series of jokes, including one about a dog applying for a job as a typist and computer operator. Buddy’s ability to weave humor into different scenarios showcases his comedic genius and ability to make people laugh.

Throughout the interview, Buddy Hackett‘s infectious energy and natural comedic style captivated both the studio audience and viewers at home. His jokes and stories had everyone in stitches, further solidifying his status as one of the funniest entertainers in the industry.

Buddy Hackett‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was an absolute delight for fans of comedy. His quick wit, hilarious jokes, and ability to engage the audience made it a memorable night. With his upcoming HBO special and NBC pilot, Buddy Hackett continues to prove that his comedic talents are as relevant and entertaining as ever.

Originally aired on May 5, 1983