Popular radio host and cultural icon Howard Stern recently made an appearance on the renowned talk show, “David Letterman“. Dressed to impress, Stern shared some interesting insights during the conversation. While discussing his exhaustion from doing morning radio, Stern expressed his nervousness about appearing on the David Letterman show. Despite being the “king of all media,” Stern admitted to still feeling nervous about such appearances.

Notably, Stern mentioned the polarizing effect he has on audiences. While some are excited to see him, others are disgusted by his presence. He humorously quipped that people who come to the show expecting to see A-list celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might be disappointed to find him as a guest instead. Stern also shared his observations about other talk show guests, particularly mentioning the humorous banjo-related incident involving Steve Martin and David Letterman.

The conversation between Stern and Letterman took a personal turn when they discussed their respective relationships with their parents. Stern shared his frustration about his elderly parents’ lack of interest in visiting him at his Florida home, despite their previous appearances on his show. He admitted that his motivation for becoming famous was initially to gain his parents’ attention and approval.

The topic shifted to therapy, with Stern reflecting on his own counseling experiences. He mentioned seeking therapy and counseling regularly, indicating a desire to improve himself and develop close friendships. Letterman agreed and shared his own struggle with forming male friendships. Stern humorously mentioned his tendency to feel bored after spending some time with guests at his home, comparing it to being a camp counselor.

The conversation eventually turned to Stern’s surprise communication with late-night talk show host Jay Leno. Stern expressed disbelief, mentioning that he still feels like he is fighting Letterman’s battles, despite now working for NBC. Stern humorously and candidly revealed his complex emotions towards Leno, including their exchanges of phone calls. Letterman, known for his dry wit, playfully noted Stern’s tendency to mention Leno every time he appears on the show.

Stern further opened up about his past behavior, admitting that he did destructive things on his radio show due to his obsession with its success. He acknowledged his regret and publicly apologized to Letterman for their strained friendship. The two comedians pondered on missed opportunities and the potential for a closer bond between them.

The conversation concluded with a discussion about Stern’s friendship with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. Stern shared that they have formed a close bond, going on vacations together and spending quality time. He also spoke fondly of his admiration for the legendary Don Rickles, mentioning dinners where they shared meaningful conversations and stories.

Overall, Howard Stern‘s appearance on “David Letterman” was a captivating mix of humor, personal revelations, and reflections on friendships and fame. The engaging banter between Stern and Letterman kept viewers entertained throughout the interview.