On a recent episode of the popular talk show, “Letterman”, comedian Jim Gaffigan had viewers in stitches as he spoke about everything from his summer plans to his love for Waffle House and Hot Pockets. As a guest on David Letterman‘s show, Gaffigan showcased his trademark humor and had the audience laughing throughout the interview.

Gaffigan, known for his hilarious observations and self-deprecating humor, began the interview by joking about his pale complexion and how he’s too white to be a Mormon. He then quipped about his failed attempts to get in shape during the summer, explaining that finding time to work out is a challenge when you’d rather indulge in delicious meals.

With his effortless wit, Gaffigan hilariously shared his exhaustion from eating all the time, humorously claiming that he even pulled his arm while having lunch. He jokingly mentioned his workout clothes, which he finds more comfortable for watching television rather than exercising.

David Letterman guided the conversation towards Gaffigan’s busy schedule, acknowledging his television show and numerous stand-up performances. Gaffigan humorously reflected on the sacrifices he has made for his career, emphasizing how he misses the ability to do nothing. He amusingly described how doing nothing used to be his favorite pastime, but now it’s something he can no longer share with anyone.

The conversation shifted towards Gaffigan’s travel experiences, during which he confessed not being a fan of going outside. However, he confessed his love for international travel and shared a fun ritual he practices after his shows – going to Waffle House. Gaffigan humorously described Waffle House as a place that resembles a gas station bathroom but sells delicious waffles. He joked about the rustic atmosphere and the distinct Waffle House sign, comparing it to a ransom note.

When David Letterman asked about Gaffigan’s other food preferences, the comedian laughed and admitted his love for fried chicken and Hot Pockets. Gaffigan, known for his food jokes, humorously remarked about the serving size of fried chicken being as big as a bucket. He also poked fun at Hot Pockets, joking about their countless flavors and the recent introduction of the deli style – wondering what kind of meat they used before if it wasn’t real deli meat.

Despite his jokes about indulgent foods, Gaffigan appeared in good spirits and looked great during the interview. As he wrapped up the conversation, David Letterman congratulated Gaffigan on the success of his television show, “My Boys,” which was set to begin its second season on TBS.

Jim Gaffigan‘s appearance on “Letterman” was a delightful treat for fans of the comedian. With his unmatched humor and quick wit, Gaffigan effortlessly entertained the audience throughout the interview. From discussing his summer plans to joking about his love for Waffle House and Hot Pockets, Gaffigan proved yet again why he is one of the funniest comedians in the industry.

The episode featuring Jim Gaffigan on Letterman’s talk show was a fantastic blend of laughter and entertainment. With Gaffigan’s comedic genius and Letterman’s skilled hosting, it’s no wonder why this interview was a hit with viewers.