In a surprising turn of events, Jimmy Kimmel Live has become part of the official record in the trial against former President Donald Trump. The talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared the news with his audience.

During the trial, prosecutors entered text messages into evidence that were exchanged between lawyers about Stormy Daniels‘ appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live back in 2018. Keith Davidson, Stormy’s lawyer at the time, expressed surprise and concern about her booking on the show and texted Donald Trump‘s lawyer, Michael Cohen, while the show was on the air. This marks the first time in history that a late-night talk show has been introduced as evidence in a criminal trial for a president of the United States.

Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help but make light of the situation, joking that when Ryan Murphy creates a miniseries about the trial, he expects to be portrayed by someone like George Clooney or Chris Hemsworth, while his guest, Stormy Daniels, would be played by Pedro Pascal. He also poked fun at the fact that his questioning of Stormy about a letter she had released led to angry texts from Trump’s lawyer, who threatened legal action against her.

While Jimmy was thrilled to be included in the trial, he couldn’t help but feel that the most important interview he had with Stormy had been overlooked. He reminded everyone of the iconic moment when he asked Stormy which mushroom from a set of orange mushrooms would best represent the commander in chief of the United States. He held up one of the mushrooms, jokingly referring to it as the most accurate depiction of Donald Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel then expressed his disappointment in not being asked to testify in the trial. He playfully complained that it was outrageous and declared his intention to start suing people. He even joked that he could keep Trump awake during the trial, implying that his lively presence would make it impossible for the former president to fall asleep.

The talk show host also pointed out that one of the unexpected delights of the trial was seeing Trump having to sit and listen to insulting posts about himself. He laughed as he mentioned that Trump’s lawyers had to read a tweet from Michael Cohen, who referred to Trump as “Von shits in pants.”

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hesitate to mock Trump’s failed attempts to rally his supporters at the courthouse. He showed a video of a single fan greeting Trump, sarcastically suggesting that she might become his fourth wife.

Moving on to Trump’s defense tactics, Jimmy highlighted that Trump had tried to float the idea that he couldn’t testify due to a gag order. However, Jimmy clarified that a gag order has nothing to do with a defendant’s ability to testify, but rather limits their ability to threaten and manipulate witnesses outside the courtroom.

As the trial progressed, Trump’s courtroom sketch artist was merciless in her portrayal of the former president, turning him into the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Jimmy couldn’t help but remark on how unflattering the sketches were, suggesting that even Trump’s own lawyers must be feeling sorry for themselves.

In an attempt to defend herself from backlash, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem appeared on Hannity and blamed the “fake news media” for spinning the story of her shooting her dog in the head. Jimmy pointed out that it was hard to spin a story when it was simply a fact that she had killed her dog and written about it in her memoir.

Amidst the trial drama, Jimmy Kimmel took a moment to discuss some other noteworthy moments from the week on TV, engaging in his segment called “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.”

All in all, the trial has proven to be a captivating and entertaining spectacle, thanks in part to Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s unexpected involvement. As the trial continues, it remains to be seen what other surprises and absurdities will unfold. One thing is for sure, though – Jimmy Kimmel will be eagerly following every twist and turn, ready to provide his trademark humor and commentary.