In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, the hilarious Jordan Schlansky took on the role of a consumer watchdog, assessing everyday products with his meticulous eye. This time, Schlansky turned his attention to an item we all use – toilet paper.

Known for his attention to detail and love for objects of beauty and utility, Schlansky explained why he chooses his products carefully. According to him, toilet paper is no exception. He revealed that he prefers to make a once-in-a-lifetime choice when it comes to toilet paper, sticking with a brand he has loved for years – Charmin.

Schlansky’s commitment to Charmin is evident in his bulk purchases. He explained that he buys 18 Mega rolls at a time, ensuring that he always has a stockpile of the product he trusts. However, his recent purchase left him disappointed and suspicious.

Upon receiving his usual order of 18 Mega rolls, Schlansky noticed a change in the packaging. The new packaging featured a bear and claimed that 18 Mega rolls were equivalent to 72 regular rolls. This marketing strategy made him wary, as he suspected the company was trying to make customers believe they were getting a good deal.

His suspicions were confirmed when he compared the old and new rolls. While the sheet size remained the same, he discovered that the new rolls had 20% fewer sheets overall. This meant that he would have to change his toilet paper roll more frequently and buy more cases of toilet paper over time. Schlansky felt that the company should have been transparent about the changes instead of trying to trick customers into thinking they were still getting the same value.

Despite his disappointment, Schlansky appreciates the quality of Charmin’s toilet paper and understands that costs have increased in the industry. However, he believes that charging the same price for smaller rolls is not the right approach. He expressed his frustration about the new packaging, as it made his guests think he was buying a cheaper off-brand toilet paper rather than the premium product he prefers.

Throughout the segment, Schlansky’s attention to detail and commitment to his preferred toilet paper brand were evident. He even shared his adaptive techniques when traveling to ensure he can maintain his preferred pubo rectus muscle orientation while using different toilets. Schlansky emphasized the importance of adaptability and survival, even relating it to Charles Darwin’s theory on survival of the fittest.

In conclusion, Jordan Schlansky‘s in-depth analysis of toilet paper on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show provided an entertaining yet thought-provoking segment. From his commitment to Charmin to his improvised techniques while traveling, Schlansky’s unique perspective on toilet paper sheds light on the often-overlooked aspects of everyday products.